Water Break!

January 23, 2010
By daniellew GOLD, Foresthill, California
daniellew GOLD, Foresthill, California
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“Alright, you guys can go get some water,” my cheerleading coach, Nikki says to the team. The majority of the team sit down next to their bags and pull out water bottles. I look over at Breanna, who is already running towards the doors. I smile and turn to run next to her, pushing open the double doors that lead into the locker room area. I run with my friend towards the water fountains and slam on the button, watching the water shoot up. I gulp water along side her, until my thirst is quenched.

Finally, I let off the fountain slowly and wipe my mouth, watching Breanna as she does the same. “I have to pee,” she says, going into the girls locker room. I follow, and see her disappear into a stall.

After fixing my hair in the mirror, I hear the toilet flush. Suddenly, I feel an urge to do something adventurous. I run behind the lockers, so that Bre can’t see me. I hear her wash her hands, and then silence. “Danielle?” she calls. I hear her footsteps and I step in the other direction, slipping around the corner just as she reaches the lockers. I press my back against the lockers, and fold my hands together so that only my thumbs and pointer fingers are pointed. I wait silently until Breanna walks into my line of vision, then I turn my hands at her and shoot.

“Pew, pew!” I exclaim as she jumps back, startled. She laughs and runs behind a corner near the stalls. I jump to a different corner, and wait for a moment before peeking my head around. Breanna peeks her head around at the exact same moment, and we both point our hang guns at each other . “Pew! Pew pew!” The noise escapes both our lips as we shoot at each other. I begin to laugh, as I run past Breanna’s hiding place out of the locker room.

Once in the hall, I turn the light off and quickly back myself into a corner. I wait, and moments later Breanna walks into the darkness. I jump out of my spot and begin to shoot at her. She makes her gun and does the same. I pull back into my corner too quickly, though, before she can get me. I stand in silence for a second, waiting for Bre to appear in front of me. When she doesn’t, I poke my head around the corner, only to find her gun right in front of me.

“Pew!” she yells excitedly before turning and running into the boys locker room. I laugh and run after her, emerging into the light before the door can even swing shut. I run behind the lockers, despite the awful smell of feet and sweat, and listen for Breanna. I hear a noise behind me and spin around. “Pew pew!” Breanna exclaims, with her gun right in my face. I laugh and run after her as she runs out of the room, shooting the entire time.

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