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January 23, 2010
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When spring was turning into summer was when my life was complete. My best friend and I would spend all day having fun, going crazy, and making memories that would last a lifetime.

When the day would end, we would go back to Alexa’s house and slip into our bathing suits at midnight. We would raid the fridge and pantry and load a tray with everything we could find. Chips, salsa, popcorn, fruit snacks, granola bars, pizza rolls, brownies, cookies, soda… the list goes on. Then we would take the tray and sneak outside and down the steps to the pool. Alexa would turn on the multicolor pool lights that would cast blue and red shadows on our faces, lighting up the night with color.

The two of us would sit on the ground next to the crystal blue water and listen to it lap against the wall while feasting to our hearts content. Out there in the perfect warm air, we had no worries. No cares. Just being there, living in the moment was enough. Accompanied by our incredible view of the Sacramento skyline we would jump together into the cool, fresh water, slicing into the silence with our splashes. After jumping in, I would always stay at the bottom for a moment, and just take it all in. The feeling I got at the bottom of her pool was the best- like everything was just right.
Alexa and I would float around in her pool until dusk, swimming and laughing and talking. We would talk about music, and friends, and everything we cared about. Most of all, we talked about the one thing we wanted most in life and all the things we would do if we had it. Talking about what we wanted was so easy because at that time in our lives, we had everything we needed.

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