Practically Perfect? I Think Not!

January 20, 2010
By , fairfield, CT
“I'm practically perfect in every way, practically perfect that's my forte.” This is a quote from a song in the Broadway show Mary Poppins. The truth is I’m NO where near being “Practically Perfect” but I try………… most of the time…………. well sometimes is more accurate.
“Yes” I exclaimed as I my blue botchi ball stopped right next to the mini white ball. “I win,” I told my cousins Zandy and Nina.

“I want a rematch, ” grumbled Zandy.

“Fine with me” I exclaimed still gleeful with my success

“Me too” Nina sighed
We were at Canaras the best place in the world! I had some of the best times in my life there and the worst. One of the many things I remember at about it is the smell. Every year we go back and there always that smell the smell of pine trees. Maybe I love the smell because in the winter our house always has that smell when we get our Christmas tree.
We were playing our game outside the Main Lodge. The best place to play year after year we would play there and every year its always in the same place. One of the boathouses is down a little hill ways from the circle, and we had a clear and undisturbed view of the crystal clear lake. We could also see Green Island. Renamed Deer Poop Island on one of the time we went here to have a picnic. I think you can guess why we gave it that name. On occasion when one of the cousins took out a Sunfish we would see when they sailed by.
We all retrieved our balls from the circle and I also got the little white ball because it was my turn to throw. I got the white ball stuck in a root. It was Zandy’s turn to throw first. He threw one of his yellow balls and it missed completely. Then it was Nina’s turn she tossed her red ball so well it was centimeters away from the white ball. Then it was my turn I tossed mine and it went on the opposite side of Nina’s and it was touching it. It looked like I was going to win. But just then it was Zandy’s turn again and when he chucked his ball and knocked mine out of the way! And now he was winning. Nina tossed her ball at his but it missed. Then it was my turn and what I had to do was knock Zandy’s ball out of the way and touch the little white ball. I threw it. It knocked his ball out of the way all right but mine also sailed away with Zandy’s ball so Nina won.
We decided to play just one more game. I went to go get the balls from the circle I gave Nina hers because she was right next to me. Zandy was about 15 ft away so I picked up the balls and yelled “Hey Zandy catch.” He turn just in time to see the yellow ball just miss his foot. When I chucked the ball I didn’t mean to almost hit him I just meant to get it to him. As I was saying I was sorry he cut me off and screamed “What the hell! You almost hit me in the foot.” Just then he picked up the little white ball and flung it at me. But just in time I turned around. The ball hit me in the back. I cried out more in shock than in pain. I was so pissed at him I wanted to swear at him but I just stormed off. Why was it that every time we had a family vacation this always happened? I couldn’t wait to leave Lake Saranac and go back to Connecticut.
For the next day I didn’t want to talk to him. When we went to the Loyson hall for meals Nina sat in-between us and we would only talk to her not each other.
Another day went on like this. No talking between us, Nina tried to tell us that it was stupid. I knew that it was stupid but I didn’t want to admit I was wrong.
One more day went on like this. Finally I couldn’t stand the silence so I went to go find Zandy. He was with Nina I went up to him and said “I’m sorry”
Then he said “I’m sorry too I didn’t mean to throw the balls at you.”

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