Over Reaction

January 19, 2010
By Emma Dunleavy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Emma Dunleavy BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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My body is an alarm clock that won’t shut off. My eyes start to daze accros the roo, the room is dark like the night sky. The itching wont stope and there is not an of buuton either. I mumble to myself and stagerly get up. I go to the bathroom turn the ligt on. I scream inside the reflection in the mirror is a monster
Questionably I asked,“hey mom what this on my belly”? “Its nothing sweetie, lets go we are going to be late” “Fine”, I mumbled. Eeekkkkkkk the car cam to a quick stop as I jumped out of the car. I sprint towards the newly cut grass field, my cleats fill with mud and clack on the pavement the pebbles move and jump when I walk, the grass so green and cold to the touch but so thin. I stroll over to see new faces and my new coach he is big and jolly almost like a Santa clause, he is from
England he tells me to get the cones so I do. His voice is soft, jolly and different. “Watch out” some one yells, I duck my head just in the nick of time. The ball slightly misses my head, I get up my eyes filled with fear and my body surprise I say to myself, “welcome to Connecticut”
whoooooooot” the whistle blows and tryouts were over my body lets out a sigh of relief because now I can finally go home. I jump in the car, the seat deflates as I hop on it the chair is covered with wrinkles and is faded because ether car is old. I take of my sweaty socks, shin guards and cleats. I feel a very pestering itch on my stomach so I look and the few dots I saw before were bigger and there were a lot of them they were like a growing army of dots that wouldn’t stop growing or itching. I remember being in the car y eyes swelled with tears my face red from screaming my legs tired not only from soccer but also from kicking the seat in front of me. My glance turns into a daze as my eyes slowly shut my eyes with my head down.
I hear the creaking sound of the garage door open, my eyes light up like fire, and I grab the car door handle, my grip so tight that I feel like I could break it off. My mom jerks the car and I sprint the out the car like my life depended on it. In the bathroom my reflection is ugly just revolting, I’m not the cute girl I used to know just repulsive. The reaction on my body was getting bigger and I felt like a monster. I was a monster that would not stop growing. It warlike a worst nightmare that would not go away that kept seeing though you didn’t want to. It was also like a magic trick that wouldn’t disappear, a magic trick gone wrong. “MOM”, I screamed, “comer here and look at me, I AM A MONSTER, and you can’t do anything to stop it”, I yelled. My mom said sweetly, “Take a shower it may help”. As the reaction started multiplying, I was thinking to myself what is happening, my life was turning into a mystery that had me on edge.
My eyes slowly start to open the sun blinding my eyes; I blink reputedly to see that my nightmare was still there I still had the reaction. I walk down stairs to find my mom making a doctors appointment for 11o’clock. It was like a gift sent from heaven I wanted to get rid of it all day. My feet clack down the stairs my body beginning to swell.
I got into the car and began to go to the doctors and I felt ashamed. I walk down one foot in front of the other, my head slowly inching down; I feel my chin brush my neck as my eyes start to lager across the gray speckled sidewalk. I feel my eyes swelling with tears. Sweet forming at my hairline slowly approaching my check as it plunges down likes a raindrop descending from the sky. I can savor it on my tongue its salty. It is a very unpopular taste though I am not at the beach or the like it tastes like the salty air. I picture my self on a boat with my hair flowing in the wind and my mouth open waiting to catch the real taste of the ocean. I go home and still can taste the salt on my mouth. But instead of being on the boat I am at the door of the doctors office. My mom’s hand slow approaching for the door, she reaches for it as her ring glistens my mind goes blank, though I am physically walking emotionally I’m not there.
The sound of the bells chiming at the top of the door brings me back to reality. The woman at the front desk looks at me her eyes slowly reach mine, then she stares at my outfit and I. I feel ashamed. She finally looks at the computer and tells us to linger around before the nurse comes. Of course the day I go it is extremely crowded and clustered, though I manage to find a seat in the sick room. There were children sneezing,”Aaaaa-Aaaa-Chooo” and cauhing,”caugh-caugh”. Parents and grandparents reach for the tissues, they walk across the blue speckled rug, their hands reach for they tissues, they wrinkle with the slightest touch. Children were everywhere if they weren’t in the sick room they fumbling around with toys. One little girl whispery says, “look grandma this one goes fast and this one does a loopty loop. A half hour passes and we still have not seen the doctor and I can only hear the “tick-tock, tick-tock” of the clock. The left hand of the clock moves another minute my mom goes up to talk to the women at the front desk because this is absurd, finally the nurse says “Emma the nurse will see you now”, with a sigh a relief I let out a breath, my chest lowers into my stomach. My eyes stay forward, I don’t look back though I feel the stares of many people, they smolder me with unbelievable ogles like a hole burning a stomach through me.

We end up in room 3; I sit on the faded blue bed with wax paper. As I slowly sit on the bed my feet swing off the side. With my feet swinging my eyes start to creep to the window. Slightly open with barley any light shining through. I feel my hand start to move to it, pull the shade down and all I can see are cars zooming by with no place to go. I wish I was there than in this embarrassing doctor’s, instead I could be have a coolada but no I’m here instead. The doorknob turns quickly and a nurse and doctor shuffle through the door. The nurse quickly sits down on the metal rolly chair and types away while the doctor asks me question, all I say is yes to each one because I want to get it over with. “Mrs. Dunleavy and Emma from the dots on your body we can see that the penicillin that we gave you for strep gave you a reaction so you are now allergic to penicillin”. I didn’t feel surprised I guess you can say I was a little shocked I had never had anything like this happen I wasn’t allergic until that moment.
The needles come closer to my arm, they tell me to look away. I need to get 4 shots so my reaction would go away. Though it had itched so much I almost wanted it to stay I wanted to stay home from school and eat ice- cream. But that fantasy of mine ended after the doctors. And I left with my head still down.
This reaction to me was a very I guess you can say an interesting experience. Though if I get it again I could die so I have to be careful which is the hard part. I went through a part of my life that helped me now I know I am allergic and I’m also aware of my surroundings and symptoms around me. Though to some people this would be horrible, but to me this was life changing

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