January 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Sorting through my past,
recorded in photo albums and stored in boxes
scattered throughout my basement.
Memories of me as a baby, memories I can't even remember, messy twin babies crawling around my house. Memories of me as a toddler. Memories of learning to ride a bike. Falling down and having to get right back up, with an occasional scraped knee only mom's kisses could make feel better, or a major accident, like getting my shoelace caught in the chain. Memories of how mom's kisses did nothing for me there. Memories of soccer, football, basketball, and baseball games in by backyard. Memories of scrapes, cuts, stitches, black eyes, bloody noses and, and the occasional broken bone. Memories of starting high school, memories of meeting new people, joining new clubs and, playing new sports. Now I'm in my senior year, looking back at all my old memories, I look forward to all the new ones that I'm going to make

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