Why'd you have to leave?

January 19, 2010
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The hall way light wakes her. She rubs her eyes, removes the covers and groggily walks to mummy and nana.

“What’s wrong,” she slurs.

Mummy responds slowly, “He’s dead, Uncle Delbie is gone.”
Five years now, and those exact words still run through my head when I wake up and go to sleep. I imagine him still being here, he just can’t be gone. I think, but I know he wouldn’t just leave me like that, so where is he? Some may call me pathetic…”Just get over it Kennedy, he’s gone, and never coming back, JUST GET OVER IT!” They don’t understand. No one does. It was like losing a parent. The lump forming in my throat every second during school, for the last five years, the way my skin goes pale when I think of him. “Kennedy you look sick,” my friends inform me. Mean while I ignore them. I question myself, could I have prevented this? What a stupid thought, of course I could have prevented it…it’s my entire fault he’s gone. The splitting headaches envelope me, it’s so bad now that I get hot and woozy and light headed…sometimes I may even faint. But no one knows it’s my thoughts. My thoughts just won’t stop; they rush through my head like the runners running in the “Front Street Mile”. “What will I do when it all falls apart, because I can’t come to you” you’re not here.

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