The Edge

January 19, 2010
By Anonymous

I could hear the loud noises; I saw bright lights fading into my eyes. I heard cracking and chomping sounds rush through my ears. Then my eyes burst open from a deep sleep. It was the ice under the car and the lights from the porch of the main building as my family steered hard left into the parking lot of the ski resort.

My family and I had took a long a tiring drive up to southern Vermont for Christmas vacation. We had finally made it to the ski lodge and I was going to learn how to snowboard for the first time. I could already see the other snowboarders tearing up the slopes. I always wanted to be like one of them, but never really got the chance to try.

It was the day I was going to learn and I was up and ready along with my brother. When we got to the lodge we met with our instructor named Mike. He was probably the youngest teacher there and was the coolest in my opinion. He always had jokes or laughs and just kept helping us when we didn’t get it. The conditions we terrible, there was barley any snow on the ground but I didn’t really care at all. I didn’t know the difference yet between good or bad.

We hiked to the first hill. Then everything stopped. I turned my head briskly and gazed down the hill. I couldn’t think anymore, my brain shutdown and my legs got numb. I creaked forward and stared down the slope. But every foot I got closer seemed like a year in time. I just wanted it to over. I reached the edge and leaned in with caution and then I lost control. I kept trying my heel and toe turns but after fifteen feet down I collapsed to the ground. I got right back up and tried again. I couldn’t continue on but I flipped my board back into position. I stared at the slick ice off to the side. I saw the convoy of boarders shredding the other slopes. I really wanted to be like them. I jerked my board straight and glided down the slope, but tumbled again to the wet cold snow. I was inspired by the other boarders so I went for it again. I fell a couple more times before the bottom but I thought I had accomplished something. At the end of the day I had bruises all over but couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

The next day came with ease and I was more than ready to get to my slope. We met with the instructor and dashed to the hill. There was barley any snow today since most melted but there was still room. After a little while I made it to the bottom. I thought that if this was going to work I needed to be persistent and have a positive attitude. As I watched him ride down the hill I took mental notes and watched his techniques. I started like yesterday but after tumbling to the ground over and over I got the hang of it. I knew it would take time but just kept trying.

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A school essay.

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