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The mishap at the Bazoomi

January 19, 2010
By Kyle Adams BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Kyle Adams BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Hours have passed. My car started to pull into the long bumpy road that led to the Bazoomi. I was enthusiastic upon my arrival. The Bazoomi is located in upstate New York and it is a gathering we have every year on the last weekend of July with all of my grandpa’s friends. This tradition has been going on for 30 years even though my grandpa is died many years ago. Then when we started to pull around the corner slowly but steadily I was jumping out of my seat with excitement. Our car was driving in and we were waving to everyone with tremendous smiles. Everything was fantastic. But then my excitement had ended when I saw the look on my dad’s face. He was disgusted to see that his good friend Dave took the camping spot he camped at since he was a child. My dad was devastated. Even though this happened he tried to not let this get him down. My dad decided to camp at a different spot right near the entrance of the area behind some tall pine trees. It was night time and I was exhausted and ready to go to sleep and wait for the next day.

It was the second day and I was thrilled to be there. I woke up at about eight thirty. The morning seemed to be going by incredibly slow. I started off eating a light breakfast because I wasn’t too hungry. It wasn’t until the middle of the morning that I decided to walk around and see if anyone was up. The only person awake was my friend Matt. We decided to start to pass the football to each other. As time went by several people saw us and decided to partake in throwing of the football.
It was about one o’clock in the afternoon and I was craving something to eat. By the time I was done with my delicious meal it was a scorching hot day. I decided to go to the pond with my brother and a bunch of our friends. Once we drove a couple miles we arrived to the pond and it was flooded with people. There were people eating, drinking, swimming in the pond, relaxing on beach chairs, and just standing around chatting. It seemed like wherever you turned there was somebody. I decided to grab a tube, jump in, and start drifting on the water taking in the fresh air. It was a relaxing afternoon.

After doing that for a significant part of my afternoon I went back to the Bazoomi around five o’clock. I sat around my camper waiting for my early dinner to be prepared. After devouring an amazing cheeseburger, I felt like my stomach was ready to pop. It was still light outside but it was starting to turn dark and it was around nine at night. I decide to turn in for the night to get a well deserved rest for my next exciting day.

I woke up with a huge yawn. It was only half past eight and everything was quiet. I made a trip to the fire pit where there was a tiny flame still lit and burning. I sat there for approximately half an hour filled with thoughts racing through my mind. As I strolled back to my camper I saw my family sitting around a little white table eating cereal I sat down to join them. After finishing my bowl of life cereal I sat down and read a book that I brought with me. As I was in the middle of the page I was on I was approached by my brother to ask me if I wanted to play wiffle ball. I decided to tag along and we played that for quite a while until my mom called for me that my lunch was ready.

After having another scrumptious meal I saw my friend Jeff flying his kite and it was about fifty feet propelled in the air. I was in shock to see him flying the kite that high. After watching him do that for about forty minutes we were told to go to the front of the house on the property. As everyone gathered they all had a puzzled look on their face having no clue what was going on. Then it was announced that we were having a talent show. The talent show was rather small. Only three different groups performed which were a man singing while playing the guitar, a group of women singing, and a man sharing a poem he wrote. After listening to that for a while it was early evening. There was a slight problem which was the bonfire has not been set up yet. Luckily a bunch of the men at the Bazoomi helped put it together right before it started to become dark,
It just started to get dark and it was about eight o’clock. The massive bonfire was lit and it was impressive. Over time more and more people gathered around the bon fire then it happened. There were some kids who were about in their late teenage years almost twenty who started to light fireworks about forty feet away from the fire pit where everyone was. They stared to light a huge firework. About three seconds later went off with a huge crackling sound. My friend’s dog got scared and ran away.
My friend had became filled with sorrow as soon as he noticed that the dog Ws gone. He almost began to cry because he didn’t know what to tell his parents because he would be in deep trouble for losing the dog. I quickly came up with an idea. I thought we should make groups kind of like search parties to find the missing dog. I had second thoughts about this idea because it was very dangerous and the parents wouldn’t approve but we did it anyway.

The group I was in consisted of me, my brother, my friend Nick, and my other friend Jeff. I knew that the only way we would be able to find the dog is by using teamwork. By using teamwork we will be able to find the dog. By using teamwork we will be able to accomplish the task in a timely manner without the parents figuring out we were missing. By teamwork we will get this done. Teamwork! As the dark night went on the temperature started to get lower and lower. I started to lose the feeling of my hands I didn’t know if we would ever find our way back. I started to lose all hope I thought we would just die in the middle of the woods. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted something. It was a flash of light east from me. I convinced the group to follow it and maybe it would lead us back to the Bazoomi.

We walked for a long period of time I was trying to tell my friend Jeff that it would be alright maybe the dog is already back at your site. Then I stopped. I silenced everyone telling them to wait. I heard a whimpering sound kind of like a dog. I started to head to the direction I heard the sound from and there he was the dog was lying on the ground. I hollered for everyone to come over to me. They all ran over and as soon as Jeff saw the dog his expression on his face lit up with joy. The dog was barely alive.

Jeff grabbed the dog and started to carry it back. After about half an hour more we finally arrived back to the Bazoomi. Once we saw the parents they were all happy to see us but furious that we left. Luckily everything worked out Jeff’s dog was ok and by using teamwork we found the dog and all the parents understood what happened. That was the Bazoomi of 2009.

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