CC Gabor Adinolfi

January 19, 2010
By , Fairfield, CT
It all begun when me and Chris climbed up the stairs to ask my dad if we could go fishing. My dad had just gotten home and Chris and I had just gotten up stairs from playing Xbox 360. We were lazily resting ourselves up against the golden brown marble kitchen table speaking to my dad about going fishing when something cold and silky brushed up against my leg. I leaped back scared not knowing what had touched me so gently but yet shockingly. I turned my head down and saw the cutest most adorable little chocolate lab. I was so thrilled I couldn’t even believe it.

I had wanted a new dog for almost seven years. Seven years ago we had a chocolate lab named Buster. One morning I went down stairs to get Buster, but he wouldn’t wake up. I called my sister and told her “Buster is dead”. We were both crying, we slowly and sadly climbed up the stairs wailing and shared with my parents the news “Buster was dead” however they simply he is probably sleeping. We all went down the stairs and the also saw that he was dead. We all started crying but my dad was the saddest, he had had raised Buster since he was a puppy and had brought him to work with him everyday.

Me and Chris brought the new puppy down to the lake and played with her for a few hours. I loved her from the second we got her. Later that night we decided to name her CC after the Yankees pitcher and her middle name is Gabor after the actress Gaga Gabor. I never knew how much I had wanted a new puppy until I got one.

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kittystripes10 said...
Jan. 24, 2010 at 10:13 am
nice memoir
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