"For Every Action You Do, There Will Be a Consequence"

January 19, 2010
By Anonymous

I literally thought the world was going to come to an end. I felt as though my parents locked me up in a jail cell, where there was nothing to do. My computer, cell phone, and the opportunity to hang out with my friends were taken away for at least a month. Since this was October that meant I couldn’t go trick-or-treating, which was a great disappointment. I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to last a whole month.

My parents set one simple rule for me that I obviously did not choose to follow. Every night before I went to bed my parents told me to put my cell phone in their room at exactly 7 o’clock, but I didn’t want to do that so I told my mom and dad that I “lost” my phone.

I had gone 2 days without my parents figuring out I actually hadn’t lost my phone; until Monday after soccer practice when they didn’t pick me up and without thinking I called them from my cell phone that I said I “lost”. I lied to them again and told them after soccer practice that I didn’t have my phone even though I talked to them on it a few minutes before.

“Look into my eyes Casey and tell me you lost your phone.” My Dad ordered. “Oh my god dad I’ve told you so many times that yes I did lose my phone.” I moaned back. My mom walked into my room and said in a very harsh tone, “If you don’t find your phone now, we are going to cancel the account first thing in the morning.” My heart pounded. I knew I had to come clean, but I couldn’t get myself to tell them. “NO! NO! NO!” I screamed and ran down stairs with my mom following from behind. I went straight to my cubby and “looked” for my phone and when my mom turned her head I quickly stuck it into a bin full of my winter hats and gloves. “Mom why don’t I check in here?” I asked. “Um, alright,” she said. So I searched through all my gloves and hats and “found” my phone. “Hey Mom, I FOUND IT!” I yelled as I handed it to her. Only one problem; as soon as my mom had my phone she checked my messages and saw that I text messaged someone at 9:01 and it’s now 9:05. Now this is wonderful. I am in big trouble I can’t believe how stupid I am, gosh darn it. I thought as I dragged myself to my room and crawled into bed. That night I could not sleep one bit, I was thinking about how much trouble I’d receive and how embarrassed I am that my mom had caught me.

On the Thursday of that week, my Dad brought me to my dance class and of course he talked to me the whole way there about how disappointed he felt of me and how I ruined my amazing reputation. I just remember him saying, “Casey, for every action you do, there will be a consequence; and whether it’s good or bad is up to you.” I hated when my Dad lectured me because he would go on and on about it. I nodded my head and said “Yeah, I know,” so the conversation would end.

Days would pass and my friends and siblings were out having fun, but I was stuck with my parents. When I got home from school everyday they would ask me how my day went and I thought to myself “how do u you think my day went, huh?” I was so miserable and bored out of mind; I had no idea what I could do! I thought over and over again about if this is really worth it? Those 3 weeks seemed to last a year, but when Halloween came along my body filled excited that tomorrow I wasn’t grounded anymore! Since I wasn’t allowed to go trick-or-treating, I stayed at my Uncle’s house and helped him hand out candy (since my siblings trick-or-treated there anyways).

Once the trick-or-treaters slowly stopped coming, my uncle decided to bring up the reason I was grounded. I dreaded this and tried to change the conversation, but he wouldn’t drop it. He lectured me about how my parents love me so much and they just want me to be safe, so that’s why there are rules that I need to follow. He also said that he felt disappointed in me too for my actions because he didn’t think I acted that way. I felt horrible for making my uncle upset with me, and I’m glad he talked to me because I needed to hear it from someone other than my mom and dad to fully understand why there were rules.

When I woke up the next day, I realized I am “free”. I’d be able to hang out with my friends, stay home alone, and I’d get my computer and cell phone back as well! When I came to think of it, all this time if I followed the rules, I would have been able to go trick-or-treating and hang out with friends. I deeply regret what I did and will always remember how upset I was for three weeks. I don’t see a point in lying to your parents when they most likely will end up finding out.

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