January 11, 2010
By Sammy_V BRONZE, Chatham, New York
Sammy_V BRONZE, Chatham, New York
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It was October 14th 1995 when my parents were blessed with a baby girl they named her Samantha Marie. But unlike most baby’s who are normally around six pounds Samantha was only two pounds and three months early it would be several weeks before she’d be big enough to go home. Unfortunately being that small and that early took its toll my parents would soon find out Samantha had Cerebral Palsy a disability that affects your muscles in her case the legs and her left side it was caused by something going wrong in the brain. This is my story I’m that baby.
Up until I was three I had no clue I was special in any way I just thought crawling was what little people did. It didn’t occur to me that those people that came to “play” with me in preschool and at home were therapists trying to help. I saw no difference between my older brother Will and me other than that he was bigger I didn’t put two and two together until at least a year later. Strange I know but my parents didn’t know right away either. By the time I was four I understood (As best a four year old could) I was different I realized other kids in preschool didn’t have a special teacher just for them why was I the only one who had plastic things on her legs? I figured it out I wasn’t so normal like I thought.

October 14th 2000 my fifth birthday this is probably the one year of my childhood I remember like it was yesterday not almost ten years ago. That was the year I’d see many a doctor just to prove I was physically disabled not mentally sure I stuttered a little but I wasn’t retarded I could read, count to ten name all my colors and tell you the most elaborate stories. I particularly remember one doctor visit since the doctor not only asked the most bizarre question ever but since he was from what I now assume was the Middle East he wore a turban which at the time I thought was a towel since I’d seen my mom put her hair up in a similar fashion after a shower. Anyway the one question I can still remember today was him asking my mom if my head was enlarged. (I had a little body I’ll admit my head looked a little out of proportion) but I still remember what I said to my grandpa in the car on our way to McDonalds after my doctor visit. “Grandpa the doctor said my head is engaged!” I couldn’t remember “enlarged” so engaged sounded close.

Thanks to mom’s efforts we convinced the school I was smart enough to be in regular classes. So kindergarten was fun as was all of elementary school but the year I wish I could forget was seventh grade. That was the worst year of my life so far anyway. It all started the last day of my school production of Alice in Wonderland I knew my dad had something important to tell me and my grandpa had been sick for a while and I knew mom had gone to Vermont a few days before with my uncle Donald and Aunt Laurie to see him but I didn’t put the pieces together. Well the show wrapped and dad drove me home mom and Will were in the living room. Finally after changing me out of my costume they told me. Grandpa died I couldn’t believe it I cried nonstop for about an hour I wouldn’t talk to anybody not even my best friend. But 07’ got even worse when the day before Easter I was picked on for being disabled. To simplify things my best friend Courtney was at my house we were on AIM talking to my cousin Sam well to put it simply I found out how much a person could hate when Sam uttered the words

“Go die in your sleep you retarded handicap!”

That day when I saw Courtney stand up for me I knew I had a true friend.

It’s now three years later from that dreadful year and now I’m a happy well rounded freshman in high school with my three best friends Ryan, Courtney and Leah. I have good grades and a good life despite minor things I’m currently working on my first book and cannot wait for whatever the future holds.

The author's comments:
This is the true story of my life. Everything in this story is one hundred percent real.

I hope people will take out of this that you shouln't judge people period end of story. Because although the cover of the book may look funny you never know what's inside until you read it.

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