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January 15, 2010
By Anonymous

I started out writing as a little boy in kindergarten. Life was simple then, all you had to do was trace the letters that were handed to you. Then they decided to kick it up a notch. I had to write complete sentences and stories about the fall. This I did not enjoy. Not knowing it then I didn’t believe in authority. Of course I listened to my parents id be stupid not to, but teachers couldn’t tell me what to do. I had this idea that here is this person that I don’t even know trying to tell me what to do and when to do it. I now know that this was a stupid idea and that the teachers were just trying to give me the best education they could. I quickly grew out of this phase and knew that I needed to do the work to get good grades. As every kid and teenager know, good grades equal great rewards. Writing was always a major task for me. I didn’t enjoy it, I wanted to write about what was on my mind not some topic that they said I needed to write about. Needless to say I did write but didn’t enjoy it and my grades reflected that.

It wasn’t until the summer after the seventh grade that I realized how fun writing could be. My parents were concerned with my grades and rightly so. So my father enlisted the help of my grandparents. My grandfather is an retired principal and my grandmother is a retired teacher. The entire summer they spent with me reading and helping with my writing. They gave me fun assignments like if you owned Alcatraz what would you want to do with it. They even gave me research papers about any famous criminal of my choice. I picked the one criminal that I had a little bit of knowledge on, the birdman of Alcatraz. That entire summer was a blast and was such a great experience for me.

From then on out I can write decent papers. I don’t want to get too arrogant with it because lets face everyone have their own opinion on what’s good and what isn’t. Though if you read some of the stuff I have written before that point you can tell that I have improved a great deal. I can now take pretty much any topic and put my own personal touch into it.

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