Our Destination

January 18, 2010
By jdmtk579 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
jdmtk579 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Time passes quickly but sometimes it can feel as if it never ends. Your destination always stays the same but may not feel so close as it appears. Staring straight into it’s eyes, it’s beautiful eyes, it’s the trophy made of gold and fine crystals that make you feel that much more determined to reach the finish line. I turn to look at the trees. To my right, they look as if their arms are in the air cheering, as I pass one by one. Everyone around me, who give me the little extra push to feel one step closer to our goal. The music, as if it speaks our hearts, all of ours that gather here. My steps feel like they have actual meaning, as if they are important, the steps to making everything better; that one day there will be a cure. I am here because of a purpose. We’re all here to help, to believe, and to fight.

I look at the glowing candle that I squeeze tightly between my hands. Slowly the candle begins to look fuzzy, and I surprise myself to find an out pouring of emotion that I had no control over. My eyes began to sting as my heart gained strength and had thoughts of my uncle for whom I am here to help. I thought about him as they asked, “Those who are here for the ones you care for, and love. You are here to save, and to find a cure for cancer.” Yes my uncle has cancer and I believe that I can make a difference through an organization called Relay for Life. Relay for Life helps raise money to help save lives for those who have cancer. It was from there I couldn’t ignore the image of his smile that always made me feel happy every time he laughs. Every time he’s with my little cousins and he makes them feel as if they were on top of the world. I remember their wedding day. The time I felt like I was getting married, but instead carrying a basket full of petals that fell from my hand to the new family that was to become. I looked back to see the bride, my aunt, who had the same expression any bride would have on her wedding day. But the expression she gave to me was as if she were about to marry the man of her dreams. I want her to be able to have a loving life with the man of her dreams and I can give them that chance. She’s a role model telling me to fall into true love. In love with the person who means everything to you, the one you love through any difficulties.

But why is it that when someone becomes truly happy, something has to take it all away. It takes it in slow gestures to make it that much more painful. When the doctor had to them the news it was as if everything went blank. Everyone wanted to press “message declined” but there wasn’t a button to push. I was in the car with my mom when she told me the news. I turned to my left and stared out the window. I had no words as if I could not speak. I couldn’t hear anything, as if my body was moving in slow motion. But only the thoughts I didn’t want to think about, bundled in my head moving quickly becoming louder and louder. I was afraid to blink because if I did, I would show my weakness to the evil that speared upon my family, my uncle, and my heart. I didn’t cry. I prayed and prayed and pray every day and it led me here; with everyone who did the same. I, we, take this sign to it highest state and take one step closer to succeed to find a cure. Inch by inch a little bite more at a time, it may take away our smiles, our love, but is weakness it our hope. Our hope can never give in.

I am here for a purpose. We are all here for a purpose. For those who are remembering them, those who are supporting them, and those like me who are leading them closer to the cure for cancer. Together we walk and in the end I know we will be the first ones to reach our destination.

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