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My Nephews

January 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Entering my freshman year, I was at my cousin’s house playing Madden 2008. I got a call from my dad saying come and cut the grass. Before I went home finished playing my Madden game. I had gone to ask my aunt if she can give me a ride to my house and she said no! So I went to go ask my grandpa if he can gave me a ride and he did.

I went home and my dad said, “You’re an uncle now.” I asked who is having a baby. He told me it was my little sister Josie the baby out of the family is going to have a baby. The one person in my family I thought of having a baby such as a young age. After all she is the baby of the family no one thought that she would get pregnant at a young age either.

She was 5 months pregnant at the time, no one knew until then. When everyone found out they were surprised. Everyone thought she wasn’t going to get pregnant. She was quiet one and didn’t talk much, but she had to come out of her shell now that she was pregnant.

When I first found out, I got sad because she’s my little sister. She was only fourteen years old. The thing is the guy she is with, is a loser! He didn’t want to be part of his baby’s life. She went to the doctor again. The doctor told her she was going have twin boys. So the doctor said that she had to be in bed resting until she had her kids.

So some time in June, she was put in bed to rest what I remembered was that I went to go see her on Fourth of July we watched the fireworks from her window. It was sad because we use to sit on the roof of my house and watch them from there. We did fight a lot but that’s a brother to sister thing being on the roof with my twin sisters was what I was missing that day.

Eleven days later July, 15 2008; she had her kids my dad had called me at 3 in the morning. I was up playing Madden 08 with my cousin. We took the bus and went to the hospital when we got there she had already had her kids. My sister was really tired so we just let her go to bed, my sister had named her son’s Jessie and James like the Criminal master minds back in the day. While she rested my dad took us all out for breakfast.

My sister was in the hospital for a couple more days. The babies were there for a couple more months before they got to come home. Jessie is still on oxygen but he only has it on when he goes to bed. When the babies came home our dog were freaking out because he didn’t know what to do.

During my wrestling season my mom didn’t really go to my wrestling matches because she helped my sister with her babies. I missed having my mom and sisters at my wrestling matches because I do better when they’re there.

Now their one year old they are talking a lot now. They are always getting into things you don’t want them to, but its cute but there’s always a mess where I go. They crawl around always trying to get away from us. They get our cell phones and house phones and start talking as if really talking to someone. But that’s that been going on about my nephews.

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My nephews beacuse they have change me

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