Fast Food Christmas

January 10, 2010
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It was Christmas morning; so many presents, but none quite the right size. That big freakishly shaped bag could be it, but I thought it came in boxes. What if they are disguised and hidden on the other side of the tree? Oh, I want that McDonald’s Kitchen set so badly! Complete with food and packaging and my very own uniform visor and headset.
I can’t wait to ask my parents, “Can I take your order?” I know my mom will get a vanilla shake and some fries. Then I’ll get to press the fryer down and hear the sizzle of the potatoes. And I’ll push in the shake and listen to it mixing to perfection. I’ll take her Ronald $5 bill in exchange for some coins all stuck together. After delivering her food, I’ll get to say, “Thank you, have a nice day.”
Oh! What’s that? My sister got the Magic Attic gymnast she wanted! Trampoline and beam in all! That’s it. If I don’t get my McDonald’s kitchen, my life is over.
Here comes my last present, that freak bag. What is that awful shape? It looks like a bag of garbage.
OH MY GOSH! YESSS! My very own McDonald’s Kitchen, cash register, official visor, food, and yes… my very own drive-thru headset. This is the best Christmas ever! Thanks, Santa!

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