The Breath Taking Summer Day

January 14, 2010
By KatieB BRONZE, Morrisville, Vermont
KatieB BRONZE, Morrisville, Vermont
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The colorful mountains across the path surround the ditzy teenage girls with beauty. With each of the girls full of giddy and happiness, it almost seemed impossible to destroy the positive outcome of the glorious summer day. A journey was to begin on the trails ahead, no more than a stride away. The narrow path, was guiding them into an open field. The trees shaded them from the powerful, breath-taking sun, along with a wistful gust of wind that wrapped around the trees. The two teenage girls began to prance around at the end of the trail, anticipating of the end of the trail. The sunlight gave them the joy of the day; having no worries or expectations on there minds, but to relax with there best friends by having no weight on their shoulders. When they walk down the cool, shadowed path, with nothing can hold them back. Expressing all of their overflowing laughter inside of them, they knew that it was a delightful moment.

“Isn’t it great the way the day turned out?!” asked Megan; she was a brunet ditzy teenager that always liked to take in the moments like springing from her seat in class if the teacher just left the classroom.
She began to spin around in circles; grasping onto her skirt, mocking Marilyn Monroe as the wind blew by her.

“Let’s just say that the summer should have been like this everyday,” Caroline sighed. She was a petite blonde that had breath-taking grey eyes full of appetite for adventure.

“I know, right?” the light headed girl said.
“This whole summer has been nothing but depressing, groggy weather, up until now.”

“Yeah, like it seems to me that the only thing holding me back from rolling down that steep hill right now is how wet it’s been; especially out in these fields,” Said the blonde girl pointing two fingers at the lower hill side.

“I bet it should be dry, I mean look at how hot it is up here, Car,” Megan said. “I’m sure that you won’t get any spatter on that purple dress of yours; which by the way, I really like a lot!” Megan said trying to catch her breath after saying such a long sentence.

“True, true,” Caroline commented back. “Oh! And thanks, I got it from that new store I told you about, a couple blocks down past the market.”
“You really like it?”
“Like it? I love it!” “Make sure to lend me it tomorrow for our first day of school.” Megan said stuttering during her sentence as she began to twirl in the field again.

Caroline, almost losing her train of thought, started to stare at her best friend, Megan leaping in the field. She realized that all the fun that was expected the moment school got out was happening in that one day. Remembering that the fun would end and that a new year of life would begin with many old and new faces appearing, put all of the giddy and happiness aside. She began to feel the need to just let out all of that overflowing stress inside of her. School was ruff last year. Adapting to the new people and grades around her made life almost impossible to keep up with. Flinching at the thought as Megan began to run over, she turned around staring at the hill ahead.

“What’s wrong?” Megan said with a short breath.

“Oh nothing, I was just realizing how much fun we’re having today,” Caroline said with a sigh.

“Well then, what are you waiting for?” The brunette, spontaneous girl said running past the other.

“Waiting for what?” Caroline shouted after her best friend that was heading towards the slanted hill.

Megan took in a deep breath of the fresh air around her, stretching her arms up to the sky. Slowly pulling her body back to a comfortable position, she turned and looked at Caroline and smiled. She knew that right then and there, their personalities bounced off of one another, full of joy and happiness.

Looking the other direction, as Caroline began to run over, Megan said, “All you have to do is let go of the truth and enjoy the moments that we have now,”

“Like this!!!”

Disappearing within seconds, Caroline screamed, “Megan!” as she got to the tip of the hill.

Resting in the flowery field, Megan said, “Like I said, just breathe!”

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