Family Matters

January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

The people in my community solicited for me to be respectful to my elders. They taught me to be kind and treat others the way I would like to be treated. From the Coozies next door, to the Parmaters across the street, every neighbor on my block had a unique influence on me. Some of the many lessons they conveyed I found ineffectual and did not obey most of the time, finding time to cause trouble around my house and neighborhood.
I now have learned from my community that I must abstain from these nefarious activities. I was taught to think over my actions and the possible consequences beforehand in order to be safe. My community members advocated for me to behave and be safe.
My friends and relatives influenced me the most. They would scrutinize my every action and expected me to behave properly. My village is an amicable place where I would like to raise kids of my own in, and would loath to leave.
Villages should encourage their youth community to be kind and respect one another. They should be taught to actively participate within their community. And it is necessary to be vexatious at times when teaching the youth right from wrong. Astute leaders have life experiences that they can teach the youth. These lessons will greatly benefit and hopefully introduce healthy alternatives to having fun and prevent situations that convey harmful maladies. The youth is the future and it is up to you to present the right path to their success.

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