My Walden

December 30, 2009
By coolperson222222 BRONZE, El Cajon, California
coolperson222222 BRONZE, El Cajon, California
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There are not many places that I can go to where I feel completely at ease and not pressured. At school, there is the constant pressure of homework, tests, and friends. At home, there is the constant pressure to do everything exactly right and act perfectly. On the soccer field, there is the constant pressure from the nearest opposing defender. I always feel like I am either running out of time or not doing something right. However, when I walk into the local community library, I cannot help but feel like new opportunities are opening up. I sit down with my school bag and look around. All around me I see people hard at work either, studying, reading for fun, or writing. Seeing all these people working motivates me to do all my homework thoroughly and diligently. I set my bag down at an empty table preferably in a quiet corner and take my binder out. I then take out my pencil and all my homework for that day. I stack all my homework in order from top priority to not as high priority. On certain days of the week I can hear small children and their parents in the kid’s section of the library. I take a break from my work to listen to their outbursts of laughter. Sometimes I cannot help but laugh as well.

At the library, I know I have all the information I could ever wish for, right there at my fingertips. This puts me even more at ease. I am not worried about finding the answers to anything because I know that I can just look in a book or even on the internet. I feel calm and collected. Rather than my normal, stressed, and procrastinating self. I walk out of the library feeling confident in the work I have completed and ready to face the next day.

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