have you ever wished..

December 28, 2009
Have you ever wished you could suddenly open you arms and your dead loved ones will come back? I didn't care if others got hurt, their failt. The boy should have worn a helment. Mom should have worn oven mits. until my nana died. I understood she had no control over her cancer but... if a family member of yours has cancer, who would you blame? no one. no one at all. I got that, but it irritated me that i could yell at no one but myself for wanting to.

you know how, your little brother/sister is SO annoying? have you ever said i hope you die? go fall in a hole? i hope you drown? i hope you get a brain tumor, your hair falls out RIGHT after you have gone throught the crappy stage called puberty? ya, that happened to my cousin who died before I was born. have you ever wished you could take everything you said away? but you know the damage has been done?

don't be perfect. don't try to be perfect. ever. the only way not to slip up and say a nasty thing, is to not say another word in your life. but you have already spoken. have you ever wished that stupid last i hate you you said to someone wasn't the last thing they hear before the tires scraping the dry leaves and the crash as it hits the oak tree? this is a story, not to make you cry, but more, to make you understand words have a million ways to be used-you chose how to use them.

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