when i was born

December 18, 2009
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It was November 8, 1995 it dark stormy night there was dark cloud .It was like a black out my mom was in her room but she was pregnant and just watching TV then the phone rang, ring, ring, and ring then my dad came to pick the phone the doctor called he said to come down to the Galloway hospital to see if the baby was born. The time they got there it was 12:00 my mom waited in the room then the nurse came to help my mom in to her room it was the same as every hospital room look like but this room was very special because I was about to be born my mom and dad waited and waited and waited then something was happening my mom felt me I was about to come out my dad was yelling his like a wolf yelling until his voice broke than the doctor came to deliver me and two 2 nurse came to help my mom in her times in needs after the doctor told my dad to cut the cord then the doctor took the baby and slap the but to if I was alive I am alive then nurse came to clean they rap me in a blank it was warm then made the beautiful smile it was like sunshine that was born then my mom stayed in the hospital for couple of days and left
I am about to skip some 5 years when it was 1st grade I was shy to see little kids I told my mommy that I was nerves but she said I have to stay so can learn then I met my teacher she said what’s the matter I told her that I said that my mom left then she said everything is going to be ok your mommy is going to be back so try to make some friends while I talk with parents I said ok then I met Geivony he was the first person that I met in the first grade then throw out that day me and my friend did every thing to gather but some day we might have little fight but still friends no matter what so I get an a on my report card my mom was so happy she started to give a lot of present I was so happy with these give but the best give is when my mom has that big smile when she happy and then I happy that I made her smile that is the best give that I ever had
So it 8th grade it easy and hard with means I have means I have to work harder but we are going to these neat field trips with is six flags beach barbecue and then other witch I am glad to look ford to see but I have to do my work so I can go to the field trips but this year I am the king of the school witch I know everybody 5th grade to 8th grade witch is a good thing because I mostly see them in the hallways that is why every body say hi to me so many people hang out with me I cant believe I am going to do work so I can have money

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sky101 said...
Jan. 8, 2010 at 9:30 am
nice job wilbert
willie said...
Jan. 8, 2010 at 8:15 am
thanks brandon
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