December 18, 2009
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It summer it was the best summer. I ever because it going to be my final summer that going to have fun .then next year I am going to work so I can have money to buy something or help my mom and dad on some stuff, but I cant not wait for 8th grade my final year in this grade ,and then high school it took like 8 mouths that’s what it felt like for me I wont my life to be long not short, I wont to enjoy my life ,but I cant this how it so to be and then mom she was pregent and it a baby is girl it going to be wonderful for me and all my family .It first day of 8th grade in Ventnor such a wonderful place to learn. Then I met my friend Brandon, Slater, Joe, yeimy, franchisca, and my two new friends Dane, and Logan such good friends that I ever had. I won’t to do better this year because I won’t to go the best high school for next year. So I finally met my teacher the teachers they were awesome the best teacher are in 8th grade every body that I know are 8th now I hope I can pass this grade to be the best that I can be.

So the life changing event is my little sister. When my mom was pregnant she could do barley any thing. it was hard to do every thing that she did it, was a mess the bath tub was dirty it was mostly black so it was hard to take a shower in it the carpet was dirty it was starting to grow I swear If that thing start to grow any bigger it would be alive, and then we have to feed it that is going be the 6 mouth that we have to feed and plus the baby. My dad has 2 job just to feed us which is pretty sad because I barley have time to play with him like baseball, football, soccer, and basketball so I barley have any time to have fun with him or do something with him. My mom is holding up with the baby .she barley do any thing expects she doing yoga and walking which the baby can come sooner. My bothers are helping my mom and me to it hard to do something that you really like but I tried to help my Mom every time that I have chance to help her.

So the baby is born. On Saturday I went to my consent to have a sleep over because my mom is at the hospital and on Sunday I get to see the baby. The baby was so cute it was an angle and it eyes were so cute her hair was already growing which it means she going to have long hair and the doctor said my mom is going to be out in three days which is good thing. My house is getting cleaner which my mom is going to be happy since the baby have to be in a clean environment. So my mom is back and the baby is a little bigger and cuter that ever.

So the moral of this story is that every thing that some body that does something for you. the all time your not going to learn from what they do so if I was you I would learn something in the house instead of out side because the parents are not going to be there forever.

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Rycrizzz said...
Apr. 29, 2010 at 12:15 pm
nice willie
matt d said...
Jan. 10, 2010 at 7:57 pm
yoooo willy just read your article. good job man. Its matt d from school
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