The Unique beauty of Love

December 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Love, an extremely powerful and unique gift, can easily open up doors and guide people into sincere and close tied relationships. Love illustrates loyalty and dedication towards the feelings of another. Love sheds security and stability upon a relationship, but the lack or loss of love can feel brutally unbearable. Love has the beautiful ability to save people from the dramatic issues they face in life, but also sheds the evil ability to destroy almost anyone. Once love in a relationship diminishes, the restoration seems unable to conquer. Throughout life, people experience some of the most detrimental losses. Losses of anything never feel painless to handle, but I recently discovered that the loss of love feels the most heart breaking. People endure many trials and tribulations in order to realize what people in their lives truly matter. Over the past four years, I unfortunately experienced many losses, but the most hurtful and difficult to overcome transpired from lack and loss of love from people that were considered to be near and dear to my heart.
Freshman year at Memorial High School felt completely and severely dreadful each day. Change never has come easy for me, but I did not ever expect the change from Holy Rosary to Memorial to cause so many dramatic issues. Maybe freshman year only felt awful due to the histrionic events of losing my first actual boyfriend the second week of high school to the vast population of pretty new girls. Or maybe freshman year left me feeling so lonely because of the depressing experiences my greedy grandparents put my entire family through. Whatever the cause, the loss of love felt the most agonizing.
A girl’s first heartbreak always will hold a special place in her heart, even if the relationship held immaturity. Losing my first boyfriend to the slew of new and beautiful girls of high school felt predominately wretched. At first, I felt hopeful for the return of my boyfriend, and I felt that our relationship would eventually mend. After a few months of feeling temporarily pulled back in and pushed back out by my ex, I realized that the hope no longer should be existent. No one ever said anything about why breaking up felt so excruciating, especially when the loss happens at the spur of the moment. No one ever told me that overcoming the loss would take so much time and so many tears. No one ever told me that time was one of the only real ways to let the pain subside. No one ever told me that even after an extensive period of time, a sore spot would remain on my bruised heart.
To add to all of my heartbreak troubles, my grandparents decided to turn completely evil. My father and his father owned a large construction business their whole lives. My dad always knew as a child that he would grow up and work in the development industry with his father. After working together for over twenty years, and each owning part of the business, my dad started discovering the shady abilities of my grandfather. I remember times at the dinner table when my father told my mother of certain occurrences at work that bothered him. My father and grandfather often fought about fairness and other business concepts. I never really paid too much attention to these dramas because I figured it was just regular business talk. After years and years of fighting, my father finally decided to leave the family business and start out on his own. My dad felt that doing this could save the family and his sanity. My grandfather disliked this idea tremendously and said that he would do anything in his power to make sure our family went bankrupt. My grandfather also took my parents to court on false accusations and tried to rid us of anything and everything our family possessed. My parents obviously did not handle this situation well at all, and my father felt absolutely helpless. I often wondered how a set of parents could treat their own children so terribly. Eventually everything with the courts ended, and my father started a new successful business on his own, but nothing will ever repair how my dad feels on a daily basis knowing that his parents love for him diminished.

Loss of love feels absolutely dreadful, but it can fortunately make people much stronger. After the loss of my first boyfriend, I realized that no boy should contain the ability to make me happy. The only person that can truly make someone happy is themselves. Even after months of wondering why my own family would try to destroy our lives, I eventually came to understand that life goes and everything happens for a reason. Lack and loss of love leaves us with bruised and beaten hearts, but without the hurt one can not truly experience the greatness of life.

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