my grandpa

December 16, 2009
My Grandpa, who I call Papa, meant a lot to me and my family. I loved him a lot and remember a lot about what we did together. When I was younger, I got to ride with my Papa on his John Deer tractor. When I had braces, I had to get them checked every month, so my Papa and Grandma, who I call Nana, came from Basehor to Lawrence and picked me up early in the morning then took me into Topeka for my orthodontist appointment then we usually went to Mc Donald’s across the street and got something small to eat for breakfast. I always got the fruit and yogurt parfait. It was a cold creamy mass in my mouth. The taste was an interesting mix of tart blueberries and strawberries with the soft smooth taste of vanilla yogurt. Then we’d head back to Lawrence so I could get to school.
I used to go to garage sales and get stuff all the time that I really didn’t need because I was a kid. But now I don’t garage sale that much any more because I take care of my sister while my Nana and my mom go on Saturdays.
Sometimes I went with my mom on Fridays when schools out. Some weekends our family goes to IHOP to eat fruit filled pancakes and eggs that melt in my mouth.
A long time ago, when I was in Tae Kwon Do, my grandpa always watched me when I had belt testing. It was a good exercise to learn. I got all the way to blue belt when they changed places and their name. I kept going and got my second red belt before I quit when I got tired of it.
In 2005 my Nana won a contest to go to the NFL super bowl XXXIX. It was played by the New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles. The whole family, some from Cocoa, Florida and others from Lawrence, Kansas came to see the Super Bowl. When I got off the plane, I rode on the bus for an hour before we got to the boat we slept on.
The boat was cool and calm inside. It was not a moving boat because it only stayed for the Super Bowl. There were four things we did , a lunch-a-thon with some Chiefs players, Tony Gonzalez, Peyton Manning, and Jerome Bettis as well as ESPN's Chris Berman, then we went to the NFL experience, The NFL Experience is the most exciting continuous event surrounding Super Bowl -- pro football's interactive fan festival offering participatory games, displays, entertainment attractions, kids' football clinics, free autograph sessions and the largest football card show ever.
The VIP party was a big hit, there where a lot of things to do there, it’s a Outdoor venue designed with the distinctive sports enthusiast in mind featuring: NFL celebrities appearances an insider’s view on the Super Bowl featuring Pat O’Brien from The Insider on CBS, live bands - Kelly Clarkson preformed “Breakaway”. it also had food stations that were free and there were plasma TV screens showing NFL Super Bowl pre-game broadcast .Lots of celebrities were walking around. We saw Randy Jackson an American Idol Judge and a guy from New Kids on the Block. then I walked to the waiting line that made me tired of standing. Finally the line started moving and we put on our sweatshirts because it was cold. We took some blankets in the stadium just in case we got too cold. The stadium was packed with people buying souvenirs and food. The air smelled of hotdogs and spicy nachos, popcorn and ice cream. There were a lot of people screaming at the game. It was a nice trip. I won’t forget that time.
Every year at Christmas we have a tradition of going to the grandparent’s house. We open gifts from family and from Santa, one year I got a bike from Santa and a laptop last year from Nana and my mom. Then we all start getting Christmas dinner ready to eat. We eat turkey, ham, stuffing, noodles, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, corn, green beans/carrots, grape salad, and pumpkin pie

In 2006, I graduated from South Junior High School, and I looked cute in a black and white flowered dress. When I graduated, every family member was there including my grandpa. The gym was packed with freshmen graduates and their family members.
I got a five dollar allowance from him, and before he gave it to me, he said his favorite words “I DON’T MIND GIVING IT TO YOU, BUT DON’T LOOSE IT!” this was the weekend before he died. It was a Saturday, and our family went to IHOP to eat. I ate my customary fruit filled pancakes and eggs. I did not know that this was the last time I would see Papa. He passed away from a heart attack on February 7th 2007. Without him, I feel a hole in my heart, but I know he’s in a good place and he is always with me in my heart.
I’m always going to be his first and favorite grandkid. My Nana now gives me five or ten dollars once a week or once every couple weeks. My grandma Nana still says I’m her favorite and that makes me happy.
I will love you forever and still miss seeing you and feeling your hugs, papa.

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