if only life was a dream and i was a mathematician

January 3, 2010
The sun dances across my eyelids; as the sand man continues to sprinkle the dust of sleep on my soul. The sky is purple fish flap there tails hard to zip around and the birds are swimming in the ocean. The world is sleeping when the sun is low on the ground and buzzing with activity when the moon is shining high in the sky surrounded by the stars which are barley visibly , because just like the candles on a birthday cake they’ve been blown out. Soft spoken words of a lullaby began to stir me from my dreams of a world were I’ve never had the opportunity to be hurt. One were everything is seemingly gray and graphed on the lines of life are parabolas, curvy lines, dramatically declining lines and my favorite the lines that really touch the sky.
However this wonderful version of the world doesn’t exist, because instead of my family reaching the heavens it’s knocking at the doors of a dark place. All my parables are in the negatives and im losing the struggle of remind myself what is so beautiful about life and why I try so hard. Lastly is that curvy line, which is the hardest to capture; harder than an obtaining an invisible butterfly that can travel through nets. It’s the lies of my dreams which I see as soon as the sand man has final sprinkled his last seed and the sun wins its battle. One day ill wake up and see that purple sky , its just a matter of finding a curvy rainbow to ride .

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