Never the Same

December 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Sitting at the computer desk doing my homework at my house I waited and waited for him to come as he said at 10:30 p.m., right after work. My parents were in their room already in bed, my sisters were sleeping the night away for we had school the next day. I
thought to myself, “It should work, it worked last time and everything came out perfect.”

I went into my parent’s room and said to my mom, “Ma, I have to go get my homework that I forgot in the car in the garage” she said ok. So I went to the kitchen, opened the door that led to the back door, went down the couple of stairs and opened the back door. I
pretended to open the garage door when I saw him there, so I quickly went back to the back door and told him to go in my room that was in the basement. As he waited downstairs, I went upstairs and told my mom goodnight but little did I know that she had watched me through the window when I went out to the garage.

So I locked my room, and there we were for the second time me and him, him and I. I have never felt such a feeling being next to guy and spending the night with him especially since he is my boyfriend. I changed clothes and we got ready for bed when I heard my mother coming downstairs, we both got nervous. I told him to hide in my closet while I went out in the basement to see what was up.

There was my mom folding clothes at 11 in the night. “Mom why are you folding clothes at this time of night?”

“Jessica, what’s wrong with you? Why are you all shaky?” She was starting to notice something was up and certainly my hands were shaking, at that I moment I realized to myself what I had gotten into. I wanted him to get out and wished I had never brought
him into my house the first place.

“Oh mom it’s because I am so worried about Melissa. She got into this big huge fight with her mom and I’m so worried about her. She said she wanted to get out of there and she was crying when she called me hysterically” as I said this as my excuse.

“Oh honey she will be ok, don’t worry, just calm down and tomorrow you will see her at school. C’mon I’ll make you a tea” We went upstairs and she made me a tea but I still knew she suspected something else.

My mom went to bed thinking, she’s my daughter, there’s nothing to be
suspicious about. My heart of mother tells me to trust her, I have always trusted her. The love my mother had for me at that moment blinded her from thinking the worst of her first born, well behaved daughter.

So I went back downstairs and he came out of the closet. “C’mon lets lay down again”

“I can’t go to sleep, maybe I should get out, this doesn’t feel right, I have a bad feeling”

“Oh c’mon just stay and tomorrow morning you can get out right away just like last time and plus my parents will hear you getting out the back door.”

That night was the night I couldn’t sleep at all. I heard every noise thinking it was my mom coming downstairs again. He felt the same way I did; we just waited for that clock to strike 6:30 a.m. so he could get out. It was 6:20 a.m. when I heard my mom coming downstairs; I knew I was in big trouble. She never comes down so early, I heard her continuing the folding of her clothes.

I got out of bed and told him to hide in the closet meanwhile I went upstairs to do
my morning routine of getting ready. My hands shook terribly because I didn’t want to leave him there with my mom a couple of steps away. As I went upstairs I did everything in a rush, terrified that my mom would go into my room. He was still in the closet when I came down, but then I heard that KNOCK as it struck, it hurt my ears. As I opened it my
mom wanted to put some covers in the basement. I went in the closest and kicked him lightly signaling him to move more to the corner.

My mom went in as I got out of the closet. I knew from there that my life would never be the same. My mom called out his name, told him to get out of there and stop hiding like the rat he is. I immediately started crying hysterically, “Go get you dad.”

“No mom, please don’t tell him.”

“I said go get your dad”

I quickly went upstairs while he still hid in the closet crouching and told my dad that my mom needed him downstairs. The tears kept coming down as my mom stepped out of my room.

“Tell him, tell your dad what you did”

Sobbing and sobbing, I told my dad exactly what I did as soon I did there was the first slap of my life right across my face. My dad screamed his name and told him to get out. He came out, he saw me crying, he too desperately telling my dad to let him explain what had happened. My dad told him that he didn’t want to see him near this house again.

There I was crying and crying knowing that I had school in a couple of minutes and that Melissa was going to pick me up.

I waited for my ride in the living room still crying. My mom was there. “Why, why did you have to ruin your life like this? You had everything, why did you make that mistake of bringing that boy into MY home. All the family had you up here, high hopes and look how low you have fallen. So now every guy you meet you’re going to get yourself involved with?” She said so many hurtful words to me that I don’t forget till this day.


The author's comments:
This actually happened to me, although there are some actions that I left out due to personal reasons. Ever since this event my mom and I have had the toughest relationship. We are at constant arguing and she will never accept my boyfriend. Arguments never end with my mom, she barely lets me go out and this happened March of 2009. This just makes me want to not live with her anymore and I can't wait until I move out! She brings up my mistake every time.

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on Jan. 11 2010 at 2:28 pm
dirinity SILVER, Clayton, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Certain things catch your eye,
But pursue only those
that capture your heart.

not to sound judgemental, but that was ahuge mistake on your behalf, your mom's just being a mom and you went out and betrayed her trust and didnt even try to amend the situation.


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