The Big Game

December 4, 2009
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The whole entire stadium shuts down into a quiet trance. The ball is kicked towards the uprights, and a gasp is exchanged throughout the entire crowd. The winning kick was well on its way to the field goal. It was the decider between the Rams and the Patriots.
It was the first self experienced professional football game to watch in person. Upon arrival of the rather dreary, gray domed stadium, excitement was fulfilled through the outdoor rafters and the building creaked from anxious fans. Upon arrival into the well-light, ear exploding, gargantuan stadium, the red, flip down chairs began to come into sight. The smell of beer, steamy hot dogs and hamburgers, cotton candy, and oily pretzels and nachos floated in the air waves. “Let’s go Rams!” was shouted from section to section followed by a massive flowing wave by the fans. The overall factor was overwhelming and for the first Rams game ever, it was picture perfect. The Rams roster scrambled onto the field along with enormous amounts of applause and cheers for favorite players. The game was about to begin and already the musty smell of food and spirits were soaring around the enclosed stadium. The game begun and the Rams spearheaded through the lousy Patriot competition. All around by glances, blue, gold, and white was all that could be seen, not one patron of the Patriots was present, as well it should be.

The game continued its way to the crucial last quarter when the clock ticked to the last 45 seconds. The score was locked up since the second quarter, 14-14. The Rams had the last time to get close enough for a field goal. Back into position the field goal was lined up. The entire stadium shut up and flashing lights, waving towels, and worried fans were all that stood. The kicker approached the ball on the snap and heaved his massive leg and launched the ball rocketing straight for the uprights. Silence remained in the entire stadium, and everyone’s facial expressions were the same, mouths open slowly following the path being carved by the football. “Oh My God!” announcers and fans screamed alike. The Rams had done it! Jumping, cheering, screaming fans roughed up the entire stadium and chants began. The Rams won the game and the Super Bowl. All attendees had looks of happiness and desire for the football team they cheered for. It was well worth the free ticket to see the mass quantities of people to gather together to watch their favorite professional football team to untie and defeat their opponents.

Reflection – Impressionistic Observation

What I like most about this piece is that I’m writing about a very memorable experience I had and will always remember. My most favorite part of the paper was the parts about describing the fans going crazy when the Rams clutched it to win the game. I was able to use lots of descriptions of the setting and scene to make it as realistic as possible. The descriptions I used, I think were used very well and showed and told exactly how the experience was. The hardest part of this impressionistic observation paper was trying to tell solely about the game and how it was without including my own feelings and myself at all in the paper. Impressionistic writing takes a lot of skill on learning lots of different ways. Throughout the whole entire paper, you cannot use “I” or say anything about yourself. You can only describe the setting and base that off your whole paper. So basically you take a small memory or experience and turn it into the biggest picture describing even the smallest elements involved. I think that my piece turned out pretty well overall. I did the best I could describing the small picture into an enormous whole picture. I ran into a few trouble spots, but I think I worked them out by inserting more descriptions and a couple more things that could have or that did happen to spice up the paper.

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