The Day the Earth was Quiet

December 3, 2009
September 11
September 11, the most horrible day in American History. It’s the day when so many families lost there loved ones. Tears filled the air. Regret filled the air. Why? You never know how good you have it until you loose it. I was 6 years old when this happened. I never really understood it when I was that young. All I remember is I was very confused when I saw my parents crying. I wasn’t at home so I never knew what my parents were crying about. All they told me was something tragic happened in the world today. When I was a little bit older they told me what happened. They told me about how the terrorists hijacked the plane and crashed into the 2 twin towers on September 11. I didn’t know what I could feel or what emotion could appear on my face.
All I thought about was that so many people have lost their loved ones, or don’t even know if they lost them. With all the barrier covering the burnt pieces of building people never knew if there loved ones were alive. Then when I was a little bit older I saw the movie “9-11” Tears were strolling down my face, watching all the people trying to save their country who were on the plane. They all died. I thought about all the people who were on that plane and what emotion was running through them at the time. What if I was on that plane? What would I do to save my life and the life of others. What those people did on that plane was a courageous and very brave action to do. What amazed me is that if they all knew they were going to die, they didn’t show it. They kept a serious face and tried to focus on one thing….. Saving the lives of many Americans.

Sadly, it didn’t work. The hijackers crashed into the 2 towers and died. So did everybody else. Smoke was covering blue sky. So much it wasn’t visible. September 11 was the most horrible day in American History. When I stood in front of where the 2 towers I kind of felt like I was there. I cried. What if I lost someone from this horrible tragedy? The United States will never ever forget this horrible day

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