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December 2, 2009
I was packing in my room getting ready to go to Grandma’s house because I heard that Bandit was sick. He was my Grandma’s dog and my best friend. She said that she had something important to tell us but she couldn’t tell us about until we got to her house. In the car, my sister and I were trying to figure out what she might want to talk to us about; I did have a feeling that It had to do with Bandit. I was kinda upset that he wasn’t feeling well but maybe Grandma wanted to tell us that Bandit was all better.

As soon as we got there I ran inside and hollered “Bandit??? Where are you?” He usually comes running to me, but not this time. So we went looking for him, when we found him he was on his bed sound asleep. He didn’t look any better.

“Is Bandit any better?” I asked.

“No sweetie.” She answered. “Grandpa and I took Bandit to the vet yesterday, and well, we have to put him down; He has cancer and it is spreading fast. I wanted you to see him one last time cause I know you love him.” Right then and there I felt my heart sink.

“We have to put him down; No I don’t want to.” I through a huge fit.

“Honey we have to, he is in a lot of pain.” Grandpa replied.

That night I slept right beside him even though his dog bed smelled horrible, I still slept right beside him and cried. I pretty much cried all night. He was the best dog & my best friend and I didn’t want to loose him. We had way to many memories. I didn’t know what to do. So I slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I woke up beside bandit and gave him a hug. I said “Today is your last full day to live Bud.“ I started to cry again. I walked in the living room. “Lexi, you look horrible” Grandma Stated. I told my Grandma that I felt horrible too, and if I could go to heaven with Bandit, I would, but I know the vet can’t do that. Grandma knew that I was upset cause I didn’t eat breakfast and not really any food at all that day and I kept having mood swings. That was never good. I kept begging Grandpa if he could get medicine or something to make Bandit better but he kept telling me the same answer. The things that could help him are way too much money and the things that might help are life risking.

I had to say goodbye today to my best friend and forever. Bandit was a good dog, even though he doesn’t deserve this at only age seven in dog years. It was time to go to the vet. In the car I sat in the way way back with him. His head was on my lap, I started to cry again. “Bandit, I... will.... always love.... you....” I could see that Grandma and even Grandpa were getting teary eyed. When we got to the vet we went inside and I let out a big sigh.

“Are you ready?” the vet asked. Grandpa nodded. We followed the Vet into the room where she hooked bandit up to a tube as he laid there on the table, he looked so uncomfortable. We stood there all gathered around the table and just watched him with our hearts aching. She told us that we could have some goodbye time. I was first; “Hey bud, it’s me, Lexi, I just wanted to let you know that you are my best friend and I will never forget you. You were the best dog, and I love you.” I gave him a kiss and left the room. It was Grandma and Grandpa’s turn now. As I sat in the waiting room I colored a picture for bandit. I drew Bandit and I on the beach playing fetch. Grandma came out to get me and told me that I could go back in now. When I came back in Grandpa had his face buried in his hands and was crying. Just looking at him then, I started crying too; I was nervous, I kept shaking and I felt like I couldn’t control my body; and I kept
asking the vet, “It won’t hurt him right?” I was really worried. Then the vet asked again, “Are you guys ready cause It’s time.” I put my head on Bandit’s stomach and before I knew it he was gone. My friend was gone forever. I started crying even more then. The car ride was different, because mostly whenever I was in the car with my Grandparents, Bandit had always been there. I thought to my self as I looked at his bed if I deserved this and if I was a bad kid, I was only 11 years old, I looked at his bed that was made beside me and I had a couple flashbacks. I remembered the day we got him. He was just a few weeks old; he was just a bundle of fur. I already miss him a lot. My life was already different. I remembered that during the summer how we always go to get ice creams at the Ice Cream Dugout and we always got him a doggy dish. He looked so cute after he ate it, he had ice cream all over his black fur; I used to think that he looked like Santa Clause! My Mom told me that it helped me teach myself how to mature because I had to deal with loosing someone forever, & I will miss him but I have to think to myself that he is in a better place now.

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