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December 1, 2009
By SarahSar94 BRONZE, Palm Beach, Florida
SarahSar94 BRONZE, Palm Beach, Florida
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Love is just a word until it is proven to you.

I have been through a lot these past few years. Life feels as if it never ends, even when I want it to. But I have learned various ways to get through many situations, whether be family, divorce, love, school, or just being myself. Learning about myself seemed so easy on the outside, then you have to do it and have no idea where to begin. I started doing things I shouldn't have been doing, I have many regrets and disapointments, but I always manage to start back right from the begining. My world never ends, its everlasting, so is love. Love kept me grounded when I needed it most.

Even though love may not be seen, it is there. It is more than anyone can even imagine, it helps you fight everything and anything. I'm moving on from those tough years, my friends are having problems much like any other teenager, I am too. But were moving on, fighting always fighting. Fighting for truth, life, and again, ourselves. We, as teenagers, lose ourselves. Our sence of direction and judgement fails us sometimes, but we never stop fighting. Our world may crash down on us, we may lose to life one day. But for now, lets just keep living! Your always on top of the world!

The author's comments:
I have been having a tough time with many things for a while now. But I always manage to get past it, my life has inspired me to encourage those, much like me, that life is perfect it will never fail you no matter how much you think it is. Life jumps right back up, just like those popular kids in high school that you wish would stay down and back, they never do they come right back up. So does life, you will always have that.

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