The Reflection

November 30, 2009
By Anonymous

I’m a pretty simple person, though now and then I’m picky. I’m stubborn when it comes to what I want or believe. I don’t like being alone; I’m definitely a big people-person, I’m a pretty friendly catch. I’m not one of those people that are scared to face the facts, and I happen to like confrontation. Eye contact is key. I talk a lot, in fact, I can’t talk enough. When it comes down to forgiveness I don’t stand a chance - there’s not enough time in the world to not forgive someone, or myself. I don’t hold grudges. I’m very impatient, and sometimes have a bad temper, but I know how to contain myself. I usually follow my intuition over what anyone else says to me, and I’m used to change. I like fooling around, but I know when to stop and take things seriously. I like traveling a lot, and having fun is always perfect. I like mysteries, but I pretend to know everything either way. The thought of freedom makes me happy, but security is always needed. I’m bad with money, but I’m working on it. Football is my absolute favorite sport ever, and I cheer at my school. I love dancing. I take one step at a time, and live for the moment. Life’s pulled a hit-and-run on me one too many times, but I manage to keep myself collected. A lot of people call me a lot of things, but I don’t live up to most of them. I don’t do drugs, but if you feel the need to believe so, then be my guest. You might not know where I’m going, but you sure know where I stand. This is me; hate me if you want to, love me if you can.

The author's comments:
I've always been interested in writing, but I wanted to try a different style, so I decided to write a piece about myself; one that had a new twist on the style in which I wrote it in, and one that would pull peoples' attention.

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