Many Houses

November 24, 2009
By Lovina Powers BRONZE, Grand Island, Nebraska
Lovina Powers BRONZE, Grand Island, Nebraska
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This isn’t the first time i have moved and it probley won’t be the last time. When from the time that i was born to now moving has always been something that at least happened once a year. When i was a little girl i use to live in colorado springs, CO. When i was born i lived in a apartment. Then we moved about a year later then i moved to a house that was on washington street. we just got moved in and all of a sudden about a year or maybe less then a year later i moved again to another apartment. It was a small one to think of it. But big enough for only me, my dad and my mom to live in. We lived there for longer then i thought we would. Then right when i started kidagarden, we had to move again. Our pay check was as big as you would think. It was a small wage pay. When we got all of my stuff ready to go i had to leave with my dad but my mom stayed in colorado. it was a tragic for me but i got use to it. When my dad and i got to Grand Island Nebraska we went to go see my grandma and my aunt. and all of a sudden we moved in with them. Three months later we moved into an apartment and i had started school again. it made no sense to me why we had to keep moving and me starting new schools but i didn’t know what i could of done about it. A year in a half later my dad and i moved again. But this time it was into a trailer. I made some new friends that summer and got use to living there. I stayed in the school i was just moved into and i had the most fun with my friends at that school. I never really got to talk to my mom but it was ok with my cause i really didn’t know her. To tell you the truth i still don’t know her very well. When i just turned 10 years old. I moved in with my and aunt. My dad didn’t move with me cause he needed some time to himself to get settled in. It was ok living with my aunt but i really didn’t get use to it were nothing was the same or anything changed. a few months after my 11th birthday i moved in with my dad again and he had moved after i have. I was surprised but i wasn't ready for another move and i didn’t want any more changes. I was sick and tired of moving. i wanted to make myself a little house of my own and i didn’t have to move any more. but i couldn’t do that. I stayed with my dad for three years which was basically my whole middle school year. I didn’t want to live with him cause every day we would argue about things for no reason and i didn’t want to be there any more. sadly to tell you i wanted to move. The summer of my eighth grade year i went to kansas with my grandma and some other family. when we got there i explained to all of them what was going on and i didn’t want to be there any more. two days later i got back into nebraska and my dad went to jail and to say for me i moved in with my grandma and my other aunt. I live with my grandma now and i have never been so happy in my life and I'm glade that i don’t have to move no more and that if i ever have kids that i don’t have them go through what i have for almost most of my life.

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