My Sister is My Best Friend

November 23, 2009
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“Why are you always following me?” “I don’t like you!” “Give me my doll, or I am not going to play with you.” These are what my sister and I used to say when we were very young. We used to fight each other and cry.

My sister is a quiet, shy, and pure girl. She does not talk very much, or say what is on her mind, but I do. We are very different in our personalities. Also, she always used to do the same things I did. If I was playing the piano, she would come to me and played the piano, or if I was going to drink water, she also wanted to drink water. It annoyed me a lot, so I thought we could never get along, even if we were siblings. However, I was wrong. We did become best friends, even if we are apart now. Sometimes, if we have some troubles at school or at home, we talk about our problems, and try to find the solutions, or encourage each other.

How did we become best friends with each other? It is because my sister understood me and forgave me. Actually, she was hurt by me when she was very young. I did not like her because she always followed what I did. I could not understand why she wanted to do the same things I did, so I used to be hard on my sister and ignore her. Because of the scars she got from me, she lost her confidence and became very negative about her life. I was so sorry for her, and regretted what I did to her after I knew that she did not usually smile. I talked with her about how I was sorry for her, and she started to talk about her uncertainties. “I used to be very sad because you always ignored me. I wanted to be with you, but you never gave me any chances to talk with you. I felt like I did not belong to anyone, and I was very lonely. However, I prayed a lot for my fears, and God healed me. I already forgave you.” How mature she is! I was very glad that her injuries already melted, and she had no more fears. I was impressed by what she said to me, so I cried for joy.

My sister is in China, and I am in the USA now. We still have different personalities, but we are best friends because we understand each other. Nothing can separate us even if we are different. We each hope the other achieves her goals, and we encourage each other as well. That is the reason why we became best friends. I love her so much, and I will love her forever.

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