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November 23, 2009
By Katey Scholz BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
Katey Scholz BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
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My brother, Colin, is a very important person to me. We are only 13 months apart in age, I am the oldest, and so we have always been close and have gotten along very well.

My brother and I have many different interests. He enjoys playing and watching sports like, football, soccer, and basketball. I, on the other hand, enjoy singing and dancing, which he does not enjoy, but we have always found a way to get along together by playing certain games we can both agree on and working together on the farm, with our parents.

One of my brother’s favorite things to do is work in our garage. When he was younger, he was always outside fixing something or taking something apart. When he was three, he took apart his tricycle and made it into a bicycle, saying he did not need those “things” anymore. Then he got on his bicycle and rode away.

He also really liked feeding and tending to the animals. If he was not in the garage, he would be in the barn with the animals. He would feed the animals and just spend time in the barn with them, no matter if it was the winter or the summer.
He still enjoys working with the animals and even helps me train my two steers for the Polk County Fair, in addition to all the animals that he brings to the fair. We also used to go out and feed our goats together, until my dad sold all of them.

My brother likes to take broken things and fix them. When our shed burnt down, our bikes were inside and got burnt up. All that was left of them was the burnt frames. My dad told us to throw them away, into the metal junk pile, but my brother took one of the burnt frames into the barn, and cleaned the rust off of it. Then he took parts from our old bikes, which we had kept inside the barn, to make a whole new bike. He worked for days inside our barn, while I watched, because he would not let me touch the tools. When he was finished it looked like a very stable, brand new bicycle, but my mom would not let us ride it because she thought it was too dangerous. She got us new bikes instead, but we still have the old one, just in case. He also is helping my dad rebuild a new shed, because we do not have one left after the fire. Colin likes climbing up on the unstable roof and putting shingles on it, which is something I could never do because of the height.

My brother is also a pretty fun and cool person. All of my friends like my brother. Whenever they come over they like to hang out with him, and play video games with him. On a rare occasion he will also make breakfast for us, even if it is not a very good breakfast. Once when I had a friend and he had a friend over, Colin came up with a game called trampoline tag-team wars. It was boys against girls, so two of us, a girl and a boy, would go up and fight on the trampoline. After a while of fighting, you could tap your teammate’s hand if you were tired and you could get off, while your friend fought. We played for three hours and we finally finished the game at two in the morning because our parents told us it was time to come inside. It was so much fun and now Colin, my friends, and I play it all the time.

My brother and I have a lot of differences, but we have always managed to remain good friends. I cannot imagine life without my brother there along side of me. He has always supported me and I have always tried to support him. We may fight at times, but we will still be there for each other even when we grow up because my brother, Colin, is the best brother anyone could wish to have.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this piece because I really love my brother. I hope people will read this and realize what they love so much about their brother or sister.

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