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November 20, 2009
By princesspearl614 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
princesspearl614 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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My legs were shaking as I slowly dragged my feet up to the microphone. All I could hear was the pounding of my heart in my ears. But then I saw her sitting in the front row, smiling and encouraging me. The spotlight finally centered on me; it was time for the show to go on.

I started singing in elementary school, but singing and music were just a part of my life, not anything overly special. But once I entered high school, music blossomed like a flower in my heart, and truly came alive for me; it became my passion. This new found love and adoration for music is mainly because of my wonderful voice teacher, Mrs. Crenshaw. She has taught me each of my three years of high school (freshman, sophomore, and junior years). I have learned many different genres of music and have truly fallen in love with listening to and making music.

When I started to sing for Mrs. Crenshaw, my voice was very high and breathy without a whole lot of support or depth. It sounded like a little girl, and needed developing. As my voice developed, I soon chose to live in the music, let it fully takeover my mind and heart, daily growing my passion and knowledge of the rhythms and awe inspiring sounds that music makes. Everything musical is running through my veins, and seeping into my thoughts, helps me fully appreciate a musician’s work and understand the passion and the hard work it entails to achieve the perfection that all musicians desire. One thing that has always been my weak point in singing is stage presence and singing in front of people in general. Mrs. Crenshaw has been working with me on that and at every recital she gives me at least two pieces to sing in front of all who come, forcing me to start to overcome my fear of performing. She has given me confidence in my ability to sing and the time that she takes to teach me is so wonderful and I have learned so much from her.

During the last three years of training with Mrs. Crenshaw, I quickly learned to adore music, and she has taught me very important life lessons, inspiring me to become a high school music teacher. Her acceptance of me for who I am, unlike so many people in this world, has opened my heart to be more accepting of people, and of different things. I remember one of my lessons with her at her house over the summer. We were talking about adoption. I am adopted, and for that very reason Mrs. Crenshaw and I have a very special bond because her son was also adopted. She says “I hold you very dear to my heart” because I am adopted and it makes me feel truly special that she can love me and connect with me through that. She constantly builds me up with words of encouragement, always telling me that I am “a joy to teach” for countless reasons, personality and musicality wise. As a teacher, Mrs. Crenshaw has been a perfect blend of criticism and encouragement.

Now I am still studying with Mrs. Crenshaw, and even went out for the musical this year because she suggested it. Mrs. Crenshaw is a very big influence on the musical parts of my life, and an inspiration to all that she teaches. At every voice lesson I learn something new and exciting. I adore hearing the different genres and learning how to sing the different styles like African American gospel, classical and a mix of Broadway and pop pieces. Mrs. Crenshaw has opened my eyes to all the different possibilities music offers and taught me to appreciate all music, whether it be singing or instrumental. I am so very blessed to be one of her students, and I hope that like Mrs. Crenshaw, one day I can inspire a similar love and passion for the art of music and that I might be as effective of a teacher to my students as she has been to me.

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