Howl of the Silver Forest

November 18, 2009
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HOOOOOWWWWWWLLL! The beautiful serene note rang in my ears. My bare feet softly came in contact with the ground, making a soft thumping sound against the wet grass. The shadows played in the moonlight, dancing gracefully through the black forest. Once again she howled, her solemnity echoing through the mountains.

Fear did not grip me as it would any other human. I did not fear wolves, nor did I fear the blackness of the forest at night. Slowly, I wandered toward the sound; away from my family and the safe campfire that they surrounded. “Katie!” I heard a frantic yell, “Where are you going?”

I came back to the fire in which the animals of the forest feared, fearing it as well. I did not like the fire; I never have. The voice that had called me back said, “Stay close to us, Katie. You never know what’s out there.” It angered me that they feared the wild so much; they had nothing to fear. In fact, it was the wild that should be fearing civilization.

I sulked in my chair, yearning to explore the inky forest, shimmering in the light of the moon. Her howl continued, taunting me; making every second harder to bear. My waiting paid off and soon I saw a solution to my dilemma. My sister tripped over a rock, and both my parents rushed to her aid. Seeing the opening, I dashed into the cold night; without socks or shoes. I would face the consequences later, now I had not a care in the world. My bare feet padded softly against the ground; just like those of the wolf.

I sprinted into the forest, making no sound whatsoever. I dashed away from humanity, finally free. My fluidity was like that of the shadows; silent and graceful. She called to me, her song bringing me closer and closer to freedom. The moon shined overhead, watching me; guarding me. The howl became more distinct, and I called back; mimicking her voice almost perfectly.

My movements became faster, and I couldn’t tell if I was running anymore or if it was a dream. Everything around me was perfect; perfectly fluid, perfectly graceful, perfectly wild.

Suddenly, the howling ceased, the night became silent once more. I knew I must be close to her; for she knew what I was. I regretted my humanity, i didn’t want to be human. I didn’t want to be destructive, I didn’t want to spread hate. All I wanted at that moment, was to be free.

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