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November 16, 2009
By x6packxxsummerrr BRONZE, Spencerville, Maryland
x6packxxsummerrr BRONZE, Spencerville, Maryland
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Me? I’m just the craziest person you will ever meet. The question I always ask myself is, why not? I jump off of rocks, and speeding boats. I climb power lines, and surf on ply wood, but I have yet to break a bone, and still scream at the sight of spiders and centipedes. I love to write, and I will get married on the beach. I have my future planned out ahead of me, and will not let anyone come in between that. I do what I want, and not what others want me to do. I’m very independent and not very “girly”. I’m so outgoing and I will talk to anyone. I’m not shy, never have been. Sometimes my mouth could use a filter, and I say what’s on my mind, if you want to hear it or not. I’m sarcastic, usually at times when it’s not needed. I don’t have many girl friends, mostly because I can’t stand them and the drama they bring. I memorize all the lyrics to pretty much every song and I love to sing, but I’m no Martina McBride. I love the rain, and I love doing things like “in the movies”. I’m not the type of person to let my feelings show, and I always have that smile on my face, usually because I’m happy. I’m content with my life and I’ll keep it that way. Her? She’s just the most trust worthy person you will ever meet. She knows everything about my life and still somehow accepts me for who I am. She yells at me, but trust me, she cannot keep a grudge. I get that from her. She has so much faith in me which helps me get through and boosts me in life. She knows when I’m upset and comforts me. She’s always there for me to lean on, but makes me feel as if leaning is unnecessary. She’s the strongest woman I have ever met. She’s my mom. She’s my hero. Them? They are just my best friends. We’ve been together since we can remember and pretty much every childhood memory has each other in it. We fight all the time and call each other stupid and dumb and we really mean it, but it’s just because we can be that honest with each other. We laugh at the randomest stuff, and once one person laughs, it’s gets us all going. We have fun no matter where we are because all we really need is each other. No one understands us, hell we barley understand us. But we really know exactly what each other are thinking. I don’t exactly agree with everything they do, or everyone they do, but they know I’ll have their back as I know they’ll always have mine. In the end, they will always be there for me. That’s a promise. Him? He has the best eyes I have ever seen in my life. His smile lights up the room, and his laugh makes me trip up. We are the weirdest people in the world and we just don’t care. Yes we argue, but it’s about whose the fastest pooper. He makes me feel so gorgeous just the way he looks at me. His smell is so familiar I can’t get enough. My family hates him, and I just don’t understand how. He is not the person people hate at all. People ask me how I can take him seriously and well that’s because we have our moments. We laugh together all the time, but we can have our serious talks too. Every time I hear his voice I just know that everything is going to be okay. When we drive around the turns he holds on to me tight, as if I’m going to fly out the car if he lets go. I feel so safe with him and I feel like I’ve finally done something right, and he just makes all the pain go away. I can talk with him about anything, literally. I care about him more than any other guy and he knows it. Him? He’s stubborn. He’s an a**. He’s crazy. He’s funny. He’s my father. He doesn’t understand me one bit, and I defiantly don’t understand him. But I know that he loves me and that I will always love him. I know that no matter what he will kill anyone to protect me. I’m the spitting image of him. I’ve got his tongue and his temper, but other than that we don’t have much in common. We don’t always see eye to eye but he’s my dad, and I’m his daughter. Like it or not. And them? They are just about the craziest party people you will ever meet. I guess crazy runs in my family. They aren’t the easiest people to please, and they don’t like everyone. If they don’t like you, you’ll know. They’re very blunt and you get a few drinks in them and you’ll see way to much dancing and way too many boobs. But I love them and I couldn’t ask for more. They have the greatest advice, usually. Most of them aren’t blood related, but to us, family means putting your arms around each other and always being there. All together, blood or not, they are my family, and we may not have it all together, but together we have it all. Oh, and that? That’s just my life. Live it, love it.

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my mom encouraged me to write this peice to get some money for college. i love to write and this is my most recent peice. i didn't know what to call it..

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