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November 10, 2009
By , austin, TX
A corvette, a Toyota, a Jetta or a mustang? Those were my thoughts. These were the kind of cars I was looking at, that were for sale at the dealer. The car dealer was full of old and used cars. It was pretty outside, fresh and bright. Now back to the cars, the only different things about these cars were the down payments. The problem was the money, I didn’t had any money. What could I do about me getting my car? “Your car, your problem?” that’s what my mom said. My mom is nice, but strict, she’s short just like me and smart.

On June 20th I went to this store located on 1610 Ohlen Rd. It was kind of cold outside, but inside it was good and full of CD’s and toys, they also sold drinks and cloth. This is the place where my mom’s friend worked at. He’s name is Renish, he is 5’6” tall and he is from India.

“ Hey, how are you?” Renish asked.

“Am great thanks for asking” I answered.

“So what are you doing?”

“I just came from applying for a job?”

“A job? You?”

“Yeah I know”

“Well am not looking for some one but I can give you a job here!”

“Oh, yeah sure, thanks. Ill give you my phone number so you can call me”

“Why don’t you start tomorrow?”

“Okay, that’s good, at what time?”

“1:00pm its that good?”

“Yes, ill see you, bye!”

June 22,2009, my 1st day of work; everything went good; I learned how to do money transfers pretty fast. 2nd day, I learned the prices and how to fix the CD’s. One week later I knew everything that I needed to know I learned really fast and I try to do my best at work. On Monday they gave me my 1st paycheck, and I was really happy and excited because I got my car with that money.

Now am still paying my car, but it don’t matter because am almost done and later am going to change it for a newer car. What ya’ll never knew was the kind of car I got. It’s a Jetta 2001, old I know but am still fixing it, and am going to put some TV’s and a bang too. Now I buy everything I want and I also help my mom with stuff from the house. Before I worked I used to stay after school for theater arts and I just to be on school plays. Now right after school, I go to work and I get out at 9pm, but I still have time to do my homework GREAT!!!!!

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