1st, 2nd, 3rd, omnniscient. My morning.

November 10, 2009
1st- I woke up to my blaring alarm this morning. I wasn’t very happy with it. When I took a shower I felt as if I was going to fall asleep standing there. I decided not to drink coffee anymore because it is a crutch that I lean on much too much. I’d like a dependence on nothing.

2nd- You didn’t have as much time as you would’ve liked to get ready. You had no time to do your hair and make-up beautifully. You felt stressed and hoped with all of your might that you wouldn’t miss the bus. You thought about asking for a ride but your parents were leaving earlier than yourself.

3rd- She baked a cake with Holly last night for their friend Maria’s birthday. They found the cake hard to frost because the frosting was vanilla and the chocolate cake was crummy. It was frustrating trying to frost the cake because they thought it would never turn out right. She wanted to give the cake to Maria on a cookie pan.

4th- Elena’s father’s girlfriend, Becky Paris, didn’t want Elena to give Maria the cake on a cookie pan because the cookie pan was expensive and she was afraid she wasn’t going to get it back. Elena was positive that Maria was very responsible and tried to convince Becky of this but she did so with out success. Becky thought it best to move the cake onto a piece of cardboard but when she did so she messed up all of the frosting. This made Elena very upset but she forgave Becky who appreciated it.

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