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November 10, 2009
By fmisle BRONZE, Quito, Other
fmisle BRONZE, Quito, Other
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I’ve been in the soap business since February 2009; and only twice I’ve been late with an order because I was out of supplies and I could’t get them on time….
Ms. Pepa Andrade (a.k.a. The Costumer) came to my house because my family invited her family and another family to a barbecue in my house. I offered her my products to see if she could buy them, as a marketing strategy. She agreed, she seemed happy about it. She ordered 20 soaps, Ovals to be exact.

I started doing a few soaps that day. The next day another few soaps and then was when I realized I had little supplies left. I got worried, I could not finish the order. Over the next 2 days I did nothing. On the 3rd Day I called my supplier3, Ninacuro, and they were out of stock on supplies. I had to wait…. When I finally got the supplies, about a week later, I started doing other orders, and kind’a forgot about this order. I sold the soaps I had made for the costumer, because I forgot about the order.

The supply delay forced me to delay the order for a week more than the established date, but I forgot about this order in 2 days. (How irresponsible of me!) After the first 2 weeks passed, I had completely forgot about the order, until I receive a call1 from my aunt (who was a very close friend of her) asking about the order status.

I replied “The order is in process.”

She replied “ok.”

I then, remembered that I had that order pending. I raced to do a bit more of that order, but I stopped working on it for that day because I needed to do some other things. It was about mid-April. I was already 1 month late.

Then, another big 20 soap order fell on me. I started working on it. I had 2/3 of it done, and I put it on hold for the day.

I finished this order in the next 4 weeks (and was 2 and 2/3 of a week late, and costumer did not mind, again, how irresponsible of me!) Over the next couple of weeks I got more orders (small orders) which I did finish on time, and delivered on time. But those orders made me forget about the BIG order I had, which was one and half months late! But then, a call1 from the costumer asking for the order status put me up and running again.

“Hello, I wish to know the status of my order,

It’s been almost 3 months now” the costumer asked.
I replied “Yes ma’am your order is almost done.
Let me file a Support Ticket2 to keep you updated,”

So, I filed the Support Ticket to keep her updated on her order. (Something I should have done earlier.) I usually file Support Tickets for Product Feedback I receive, Costumer Support, and other stuff. (I use Zendesk2 – Help Desk to file tickets, and keep costumer in the “loop”) But I still didn’t have enough supplies to process that order, just enough supplies to process smaller orders, and I kept forgetting to order supplies.
(I’m very disorganized and irresponsible?, and I can’t fix it)

After summer break, around the end of August, I was told that my costumer was going to attend my cousin’s party, which was going to be on September 18. So I ordered supplies that day, but the supplies3 did not arrive until 2 days later.
Since it was a big order; It took me time, because there were 20 soaps BUT, 5 red, 5 blue, 5 yellow and 5 green.; so I had to change the formula each time, for each color, and that took me time. I did half the order in a week and the other half two weeks later.

The week I finished the second half of the order, was the birthday week. The party was on Saturday in my farm in Puembo. I couldn’t finish packing up (sealing, packaging, that stuff) on my house, so I took the soaps and my packing materials/utilities to my farm to pack them up there.

Its Saturday, the big day, I had to finish packing up some 7-10 soaps and I’m good to go. The costumer will arrive at around 11am-12:30pm.
When the costumer arrived, she immediately asked for her soaps.

“Do you have my soaps, by any chance?” she asked

I replied “Yes! at last; I have them for you.”
She was happy and thanked me, and I was relieved

I brought the soaps to her; she opened the bag and examined the contents of the order with her 4 year old daughter. She was pleased! ?
I finally completed a mission. The 6 month delay; I hope, and I assure you this won’t happen again. Or I’ll lose costumers and reputation and this would harm my business very much. I still don’t know what to do to be more responsible in my daily life.

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The author's comments:
I own a company, I make hand made soaps, this tells the story of my first VERY LATE order.

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