Falling Crystals

October 27, 2009
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Falling Crystals

I've lived in Goergia for two years now and as you could have probably guessed
you don't see much snow in the south. So when my parents decided they were sick of the
traffic and crime of Atlanta GA, my sister and I were constantly wondering what it would be
like and what types of new friends we would make. So after the house wassold we said
good-bye to are friends, family and neighbors and set of to Park City, Utah.

When we arrived the first thing we all noticed were the mountains, tall and
covered with orange leaved aspens from head to toe. As we pulled in the drive-way of our
new house I had to crane my neck to look up at the huge windows allowing you to look
out at the world from the fourth story landing. When we walked through the heavy wooden
door my sister and I raced up the stairs to go and look out of the windows we had been
marveling at only moments before, then we choose our rooms themost fun.

After we got setteled in our new house we all went to bed, the clouds began to
sing their sweet song of delicacy. Snow had began to fall landing lightly on the road and
sticking in the grass littering the ground with fragile crystals of white dust.

When night became day and thes un rose so did the Apers we all ran outside in
pajamas and slippers eager to be the first outside in the snow. As we danced in the falling crystals,
letting the white frozen particles catch on strands of hair, and catching the cold flakes gently on
our tounges. And that was the first time I ever saw snow.

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Bethani said...
Mar. 25, 2010 at 9:41 pm
perfect description! the mountains do look like in utah. where is park city, utah? out of curiousity
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