Turf Club

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

As soon as I was three, we moved into these apartments called Turf Club. Turf Club is right across the street from Centennial Elementary. We didn’t really know anyone because the people across the hall; below our feet; and above our heads were all really mean. However, there was a lady named Judy that was very nice to us. Judy had a Pomeranian whose name was Cordell and my dad loves the Pittsburgh Steelers so he got along with her right away. Every Thursday she ordered Dominoes’ Pizza and she always “accidentally” ordered too much. Whenever she got the pizza, she would come over and ask us if we would like to join her for some pizza and a movie. Irquois, Jordan and I always got to pick the movie and since I was the youngest, I always won. After awhile, it became a tradition, but instead of going home afterward we spent the night. On one of the nights we were suppose to go over, a lady below us had a kitchen fire. Three fire trucks and one ambulance came- luckily we no one got hurt and they just told her to be more careful next time.

About a month later my brothers Irquois and Jordan were cleaning the cars off there bed- a different way than most kids. Irquois was throwing them over his and Jordan’s heads backwards and my brother just held on to the car instead of letting go and cracked his skull on a Shelby GT. Since my parents had to take my brother to the ER I had to stay with Judy by myself because Jordan was aloud to go with them. I had never stayed by myself without my mom or at least with one of my brothers, so I cried myself to sleep that night. On my fourth birthday all of my family and two friends all crammed into my one bedroom apartment. My parents slept in the living as did I and my brothers slept in the one bedroom. As u might have guessed we had to move my parent’s bed into my brother’s room. The only thing I really remember was when everyone was singing Happy Birthday my brother Irquois stole some of my purple and pink Barbie cake, and I cried right in the middle of my Happy Birthday song. My Grandpa Troy got me my first Native American bracelet and my Grandma Anna got me a pair of moccasins for our family reunion.

The last year that we were at Turf Club I went into preschool and we took pictures for the year in the spring, the night before my pictures my brother Irquois and I were playing barbershop. Little did I know Irquois was actually giving me a haircut- so the next day I had pictures and every year in my school pictures my hair is short. Every time I try and grow my hair out I just can’t its like a road block is there blocking my way. One thing good that came out of Irquois cutting my hair was I made two unbelievably great friends for life.

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