October 20, 2009
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In the spring of 1994 there was a dog name Harley he wasn’t like normal dogs tell you the truth he was kind of a goof ball if you ask, me well back to the story in 1994 there was a dog named Harley he was a German shepherd he had hair that was golden tan and a big black spot on he’s back and big brown eyes that would hepatizes you when you look at them.

Two years later, Dad: “Harley guess what.”
Harley barked, “ruff.”

Dad talk, “ The boys are home”

Harley barked “ ruff. ”
The look on Harley face was shock and he saw the first baby’s in his life. Weeks went bye and we got bigger and he got more protective like, if me man my brother fight he would bark at us and bring us to different spots in the house. Hear is a little story about how Harley help my dad find us hear it goes one day my dad was in the shower and me and my brother Bryce were two and we went out side with no one, in the backyard so my dads out of the shower and my dad was freaked he did not know where we were so.
Dad yelled, “Boys where are you!”(no answer)
Dad yelled, “Boys where are you!”(with a pail face he calls us again)
Dad yelled, “Boys where are you...!” (dad hears a sound)
Dad talk’s, “Harley what is it boy.”
Harley barks at a hole and it was me and Bryce. Dad said, “you guys scared me I almost called the 911.” Five years later me and Bryce were at school and it was spirit week and it was crazy hair day and after school we had to go to karate and we ate it was a great day and than we went home and we could not find Harley so we look and he comes out from down stairs and he laid on the carpet in the door way and laid we were wondering what was wrong and waited for my mom to come home and he passed away and that was the first time I saw my dad cry and that was it we had to go get the Nabors to help us to put him in the back of the truck. So my Dad can bring him to the vet to put him in his resting spot.

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