My Grandpa's Stroke

October 12, 2009
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It was my last day of my 7th grade year. I got home and found my mom sitting on the couch and she told me that we needed to talk, usually when she says that it’s about girl problems, but it wasn’t.
“Something happened today while you were at school,” she said, “your grandpa went to go check on your uncles house because he was out of town doing a photo shoot, and the neighbor found him on the ground outside of his truck.”

“Is he okay?”I asked as I started to cry.

“I’m not sure but he’s over here at the university of Colorado hospital being taken care of.” she said. “But you can’t go see him yet because of the condition that he’s in.”

“Okay,” I said as I headed down stairs to my room. As I sat there, I texted my boyfriend Zayne, and my brother Chris about my grandpa and my brother called me and told me that he was going to get a plane ticket to come out here to aurora Colorado from where he was, witch was in Chicago, to take me to see our grandpa.

When he got to my house we went strait to the hospital to see him. When we found his room, we went in and found him sleeping. I sat there and looked at him for a little, and discovered that he was in really bad condition so I told my brother that we should go cause I couldn’t see him like that, so we went back to my house and ate and watched TV.
The next day, Chris had to go back to Chicago so I was sad because never really get to see him but that’s ok. My grandpa moved through three hospitals since then and just got released from the rehabilitation center to go home. I went to go stay the night with him and my grandma for about a week and found that he has changed. He used to never talk, and now wont shut up. He used to always sit and watch TV, and now all he wants to do is go walk around, my grandma says its like taking care of toddler all over again because she has to always keep an eye on him.
I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that he heals completely so that he can be the one that takes me to Wendy’s when I go to Fort Collins to visit them.

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