First Love....or what

October 10, 2009
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One cold night last year 2008, i went caroling with my church pals. A guy named David was acting more than a friend, what does this mean? Don't know what I am getting into? well let me tell you. I was twelve years old and liked a guy usual... right? Well let me tell you how it happened: One night I went caroling with some church buddies, my sister Katelyn, David, Lamarco,Duff, Casey, J.c, and a bunch of other people. We were watching this video of these kids trying to open a present. i said i was cold, David puts his leg close to mine. Then Lamarco starts acting up. He was non stop poking me i told him to stop and slapped him. He said if i slap him again he will punch me. So waht do I do?I hit him. So he punchs me so hard i literally knew i was going to get a bruse!! David jumps up and said dont you ever hit a girl, and espeacillay calli! So then he casually puts his arm around me. Then after a little while Lamarco asks about his old girlfriend, the one he loved. He asked if he liked me as much as the other girl he shook his hand to say"so and so"! I was burning up after that! Then we held hands while we were singing. A leader from our church saw us but didnt say anything.We all went back to our church and watched a movie David sat next to me, and gave me a cookie. What happens next tune in and read in one day!

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