Going to the USA

September 30, 2009
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I was 9 years when this happened. I was living at Mexico City. The street was cold mansaniyo, a poor house. Some of the houses had holes in the walls. My house was cool but it was sad looking at other people houses. One day my dad told me that I was going to the USA to live with him and go to school. My mom stared crying. The next day I was going to airport. I looked at my mom; she was sad. I didn’t wan to leave her but I wanted to go with my dad.
I got in the plane. I was so scared I was shivering. The plain took off. One hour later in California it was reining. I had to sleep in the airport.
The next day I called my dad. He told me to wait, don’t worry, you are almost here. “I replied ok. I was eating my first pizza; it smelt like pepperoni. It was warm. I got in to the plane and I remember two kids looking at me like I was a ghost. They were so scared. I sat on the front row and went to sleep. When I woke up the plane landed.

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