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September 30, 2009
By marquis SILVER, Austin, Texas
marquis SILVER, Austin, Texas
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This is my mandala, which I wrote to tell a little about some others and myself. I wrote about a lot of important things and people, so I hope you enjoy. Graduating from school is important to me, because I want to be smart and someday open my own business.
I want to be a role model for kids when I get older. If I become successful later in life, then I will try to make local recreation centers for kids so that they can win prizes and have a positive influence on our generation of people. I want kids to do their best in school, quit gang violence, and stay above the influence. Eventually, I want to get a business education in college and open a chain of clothing corporations.
Clothes are important to me, because confidence falls behind how you dress and look. If you want to be somebody important in life you must act, dress, and most importantly know your somebody. Most people have told me that it’s not how you dress, but those are people who already have successful lives and wife or husband already knows how nice or sweet that person can be. Me personally I want to dress in my own fashion were people can say, “Yeah that’s his style of dressing” and it sound important. Maybe if everybody dressed their best than everybody would have high hopes and self-esteem.
Something else that’s important to me is my appearance. Some people say it’s not whats on the outside but what’s on the inside, true but do you see kids who look bad at school having fun while hanging out with other students. Maybe if everyone could talk about their interest in life and what they like to do, maybe it would be about what’s on the inside. In our generation it’s strictly about your clothes, appearance, or what things you own. I didn’t make the rule but that’s just how it is.
Accomplishments are also important to me, because when you accomplish something it make you feel good. Accomplishing things is just something for me like when I entered in some sports tournaments and went all the way to get the gold. I guess I should enter more tournaments so that I can show my kids when I get older all of my accomplishments I made when I was their age. I think I might keep any accomplishments I make from now on just a secret. I’m going to stick to 7 things that are important to me and hopefully it will take me far in life.
Five out of the seven things that are written describe me, and what is important to me at least right now. Maybe all of those things will change when I get older, but I wont know until that time comes.
These are some things that are important in my life to me. Without these things I don’t know what I would do. My family is important to me, because they’re what get me up everyday and give me that little bit of hope and love to stay in school and do my best. When I get older I want to be a basketball star so that I don’t have to struggle with money and neither do my family. My friends are the things that give me support, because they believe that I’m a very good athlete. And when I’m not playing against them in a sport, and I’m playing people alone, they tell me stuff so that I can do better like “I know you can do better, I know you can beat him, I thought you were good.”
Finally these 7 things are important to me, because I use them in my everyday routine or sometime at least.

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