Why do I write?

October 2, 2009
Why do I write?
I’m not sure what people mean when they ask that. That could be asked one way and mean a thousand things.

I write because I love seeing a scene played out in my head.
I write because I love being in charge of whoever’s life I’m writing.
I write because I can relate, and I can experience something new.
I write because different people always appear in life, why not meet them through writing a novel?

Mostly, I write because it makes me happy. Truly, I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t begin writing at age six. I loved the idea of being in charge of whatever would happen in this imaginary person’s life. Putting together a whole story is exciting, and anything is possible when I write fiction.

I write because telling my own story or anybody else’s is just something else others could enjoy. I write for my joy, and the reader’s; I want that reader to walk away and think “that was worth a read”.

I can put a whole person together any way I want. I can fix up their family in any way I want. I can make anything – literally, anything up that I want to. Anything could happen when I’m telling the story. There’s no need for research, because everything I need to know is already in my head. Something interesting that’s fun reading is definitely fun to write.

Expressing myself to others so they understand who I truly am is another reason why. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop writing. Columns, reviews, realistic fiction, short stories, novels, novellas, magazine articles – anything, as long as my words are out there and I’m known as the author, I’m extremely happy. Despite any rude comments, the positive always out limits the negative…for me, anyway.

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