Homer Trip

October 2, 2009
By katrinal96 SILVER, Bethel, Alaska
katrinal96 SILVER, Bethel, Alaska
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I woke up very uncomfortable, the tent was super hot, I was sweating, and being squished between three other girls isn’t the best feeling. So much for our attempt for all four of us girls to sleep in the TWO-man tent. As I tried to quickly get out of the tent, my legs were still cramped from being bent eight hours straight. All I could hear was my dad cooking and singing, “When It’s Spring Time in Alaska It’s Forty Below,” and the seagulls were making their ‘noise,’ not surprised. I tried to make my way to the RV, the air had a bitter cold feeling to it, the suns up, and its very windy. I was still really tired and my legs were still cramped up, “I should crawl, but that would be weird,” I thought. Everyone is awake around the table eating, besides Brianna; Man that girl can sleep!

After my family ate, Audrey, Kaitlin, Brianna, and I headed over to the main building to shower. When we were done getting cleaned up, my family and I made the decision to drive down to the Homer Spit. The Homer Spit is just a long road with a bunch of shops on both sides are that filled with tourists and colorful signs. The day was clear and sunny with a breeze. The air smelt like fish and other different foods. You could see the mountains and hear the waves coming in and out from the Kachemak Bay. Audrey, Kaitlin, Brianna, and I were walking buddies while my mom, dad, and brother went off and did their own thing. We went to every shop at the spit and I can tell you right now that I took more than a hundred pictures that day. When we hit the last shop, it was some fishing shop, and there is this big artificial salmon outside hanging on poles that us girls were looking at, and out of no where some guy comes up and says “You know that fish is fake right, its not real,” and we’re like “We know.” “C’mon we are only from Alaska,” I thought.

The day at the spit was extraordinarily fun, and after we had our little adventure, my family and I piled into the RV to find a Carrs Safeway. At Carr’s we got things for dinner and found a volleyball and volleyball net. We got lucky and got the last volleyball/net. When we got to the RV Park, I ran down to the beach to set up the volleyball net but was very incompetent so I had to have my dad help me. After all the hard work was done, Audrey and Brianna ran down to the beach to play volleyball while we waited for dinner.

“Dinners Ready!” I heard my mother call, and us girls raced to the RV. My parents sat around the fired while all of us kids ate at the mini table inside. That night around the table, with Audrey, Kaitlin, Brianna, and Ben was probably the hardest I laughed all summer. My little sister kept on being loud and annoying so every time Brianna said something Audrey would hit her on the head with a corn on the cob, which made it even funnier because Brianna would freak out. Audrey made us laugh so hard that night. After Dinner, Kaitlin and I walked the beach looking for shells and talked on our cell phones. We found two jellyfish, it was so awesome.

As we waited for Audrey to get done with whatever she was doing she finally came. The volleyball battle was about to start. With Brianna and Kaitlin on my Team and Ben on Audrey’s, of course my team was losing, but it was fun. Almost fifteen minutes after we started playing everyone’s cell phones kept ringing, so we just gave up on the game. Us kids sat around the fire, talking and sharing memories, while my parents finished up eating inside.

The night was coming to an end and we finished up our cheesecake, and got ready for bed. My dad was in shock about how much stuff girls have to do before going to bed. I think we were just finding things to do so we wouldn’t have to go into the tent. Us girls piled into the tent, laughing, not excited about sleeping another squished night together. That was the most fun night of the three-day road trip, and the best memory of my young adulthood SO FAR…

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Zone88 BRONZE said...
on Oct. 16 2009 at 3:39 pm
Zone88 BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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I lol'd.


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