My Gordo

September 30, 2009
By Anonymous

I meet German in a store; I was looking for some black pens. We grab the pens at the same time he gave them to me. German introduce to me, we talk like for 3 months then he ask me to be his girlfriend I said yes. We have being together like for almost 2 years. The problem began when he ask me to introduce him to my parents.
It was really hard for me to talk to my parents about him. I him a lot , but I just couldn’t find the right way or the right time to talk to them about my boyfriend .One day he ask me if I had talk to my parents already told him that I hadn’t had time to talk to them. I even gave him all kind of excuses. He was mad at me; he told me that I was embarrassed about him.
However, that wasn’t what was happening. The problem was that it was really hard for me to talk about that with my parents. Finally I talk to my parents. Wow I was so nervous, but they understood me. They said yes, so the next day I invited him to dinner at my house. My parents really like him. The dinner became really interesting there were lots of questions from my parents to him. I even felt intimidated by them but German look so relax. So I was good.
At the end, of the dinner I felt good because my parents like him and he like my parents. Know every time I have a party with my family, my parents ask me to invite Mi Gordo that’s how I call him. His 19 years old and he’s always telling me to do well at school. He wants me to focus on school firs then any thing. Mi Gordo wants me to be someone in life. He wants me to go to colleges.
I had learned a lot with him by my side. He’s been with me in the happiest and saddest moments of my life. Thanks to him I have learn to have better communication with my parents. I find my goals. I learn that to be someone in live you have to put a lot of effort into what you’re doing.

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