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September 30, 2009
By Rustyw2 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
Rustyw2 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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A 4 year-old has no worries. I would play when I wanted, slept if I felt like it, but mostly, I did nothing at all. The days were relaxing and went by slowly. At night, I sat with my dad in his chair, we watched shows I didn’t understand, but I didn’t care. When I went to sleep my mother was there, she would kiss me goodnight before tucking me in. The next day, it started all over again. Toys were my life, I spent most of my time playing with them, but my favorite toy was a bright red hammer.

I thought my red hammer was the coolest thing ever. I do not remember who gave it to me, just that I really liked it. It was not very big, about the size of a small book. The hammer was red and was made of plastic. On one of the sides it had a snap-on sticker I took from my uncle’s shop.

Playing with tools was my favorite thing to do. My cousin and I always would go to the shop to play with whatever we could. I think this is why I liked my hammer so much. I took my hammer almost everywhere I went. When I did not have it I would I would put it right next to my bed so it wouldn’t be lost.

I used my hammer for many things. I would pretend to hammer nails into almost anything. The top was scraped and had nicks on the sides from hitting it on things . Besides hitting it on pretty much anything I saw, my favorite thing to do with it was kill spiders. I loved killing spiders; I would walk around my house just looking for spiders to kill. My mom really liked me doing this because she hates spiders. One day, I was playing with my hammer. I hit a board and the top broke off. I didn’t know what to do? My favorite toy was broken. I tried to tape it, but it just wouldn’t work. I showed my mom, she just told me to throw it out. This made me very sad, but this was a learning experience for me.

Being a kid was one of my favorite times, the feeling was the best, absolutely nothing to worry about. It was like your own little world, everything was perfect. Doing whatever you wanted made life really easy. Now that I keep aging, things are tougher and tougher each day. I know they will only continue to be harder. Memories like my little red hammer make me happy. When things are tough and help me push through them, it makes me get my head straight and focus on what needs done. Playing with toys when I was little was my favorite, especially when it was with my red hammer.

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